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BAFTA is a membership-led organisation with an administrative team running day-to-day activities and implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees

Senior Executives

Jane Millichip, CEO

Kevin Price, Outgoing COO

Awards & Content

Emma Baehr, Executive Director, Awards & Content

PR & Communications

Donna Mathews, Executive Director, PR & Communications

Learning, Inclusion Policy & Membership

Tim Hunter, Executive Director, Learning, Inclusion, Policy & Membership

BAFTA Media Technology

Emma Perry, Director, BAFTA Media Technology


Tim Yates, Executive Director, Finance & Information

Partnerships & Fundraising

Louise Robertson, Executive Director, Partnerships & Fundraising

BAFTA 195 Piccadilly

Julian Shaw, Director, BAFTA 195

BAFTA albert

Carys Taylor, Director, BAFTA albert

BAFTA North America

Matthew Wiseman, Executive Director and Head of North America