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The Academy is a membership-led organisation with an administrative team running day-to-day activities and implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees


Senior Executives

Amanda Berry OBE, Chief Executive
Kevin Price, Chief Operating Officer & MD, BAFTA Enterprises

Awards & Content

Emma Baehr, Executive Director, Awards & Content

PR & Communications

Donna Mathews, Executive Director, PR & Communications

Learning, Inclusion Policy & Membership

Tim Hunter, Executive Director, Learning, Inclusion, Policy & Membership

BAFTA Media Technology

Emma Perry, Director, BAFTA Media Technology


Tim Yates, Executive Director, Finance & Information

Partnerships & Fundraising

Louise Robertson, Executive Director, Partnerships & Fundraising

Facilities & Front of House

Pauline Campbell, Head of Property

BAFTA 195 Piccadilly

Julian Shaw, Director, BAFTA 195

BAFTA albert

Carys Taylor, Director, BAFTA albert


BAFTA Los Angeles

Matthew Wiseman, Chief Executive Officer

BAFTA New York

Lisa Harrison, Director

BAFTA Scotland (Glasgow)

Jude MacLaverty, Director