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BAFTA masks wait to be presented at the Orange British Academy Film Awards.BAFTA / Marc Hoberman

The Academy is a membership-led organisation with an administrative team running day-to-day activities and implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees.


Senior Executives' Office

  • Amanda Berry OBE, Chief Executive
  • Kevin Price, Chief Operating Officer
  • Georgina Norton, Executive Assistant to the COO
  • Kemuel Solomon, Executive Office Coordinator & Assistant to the CEO
  • Catherine Griffiths, HR Consultant

Archive, Heritage & Exhibitions

  • Rebekah Polding, Director of Archive, Heritage & Exhibitions
  • Doreen Dean MBE, Academy Archivist
  • Jaine Holford, Exhibitions Project Manager
  • Janette Dalley, Photography Director
  • Christine Robertson, Photography Editor
  • Louise Anderson, Heritage Manager
  • Rosie Wilson, Media Manager
  • Stephanie Davis, AHE Intern

BAFTA Media Technology

  • Emma Perry. Business Manager
  • David Lortal, Senior Technical Development Officer
  • Toby Stokes, Senior Research Engineer
  • Elliot Mitchell, Application Engineer
  • William Mayor, Programmer


  • Emma Baehr, Director of Awards
  • Jim Bradshaw, Head of Film
  • Kelly Smith, Head of Television & Games
  • Siobhan Pridgeon, Senior Awards Officer
  • David Lortal, Senior Technical Development Officer
  • Imogen Faris, Awards Administrator
  • Serena Deakin, Awards and Membership Assistant


  • Nick Williams, Communications Manager
  • Clare Isaacs, Projects Officer, Communications
  • Eleanor Pickering, Press Officer
  • Emma Raczkowski, Communications Officer, Marketing
  • Oliver Goldman, Communications Officer, Social Media
  • Jess Lenten, Digital Content Coordinator
  • Joe Lawrence, Graphic Designer
  • Abigail Fiedler, Communications Assistant
  • Toby Weidmann, Print Editor
  • Aaron Matthews, Industry Sustainability Manager


  • Gilly Burgess, Director of Finance
  • Lauren Richards, Financial Controller
  • Tricia Duffy, Commercial Consultant
  • Graham Bowen, Interim Systems Accountant
  • Joe Baxter, Finance Officer
  • Aamir Dadabhoy, Finance Administrator - Accounts Receivable
  • Harriet Thomas, Finance Administrator - Accounts Payable

Partnerships & Fundraising

  • Louise Robertson, Director of Partnerships
  • Natalie Moss, Senior Partner Manager
  • Amy Elton, Partner Manager
  • Sam D'Elia, Partner Manager
  • Andrew Overin, Head of Fundraising
  • Thessa Madden, Fundraising Officer

Learning & New Talent

  • Tim Hunter, Director of Learning & New Talent
  • Niyi Akeju, PR & Learning Campaigns Manager
  • Mariayah Kaderbhai, Film Programme Manager
  • Alex Cook, Senior Manager - Talent Development
  • Katie Campbell, Skills Development Manager
  • Kam Kandola, Television Programme Manager
  • Lisa Prime, Children’s Events Programmer
  • Julia Carruthers, Learning & New Talent Officer
  • Ciara Teggart, Learning & New Talent Coordinator
  • Alexa Tamsett, Learning & New Talent Assistant
  • Abigail Carter, Learning & New Talent Intern
  • Melissa Phillips, Freelance Project Coordinator
  • Claire Stratton, Event and Legacy Producer
  • Cassandra Neal, Events & BAFTA Crew Producer
  • Pelumi Akindude, Projects Producer


  • Sam Rhodes, Membership Manager
  • Maeve Hickey, Membership Assistant
  • Serena Deakin, Awards and Membership Assistant

BAFTA Productions

  • Clare Brown, Director of Production
  • Cassandra Hybel, Head of Production
  • Ryan Doherty, Producer
  • Daniel Dalton, In-House Editor
  • Sophie Klein, Senior Awards Event Coordinator
  • Georgina Cunningham, Production Coordinator
  • Jamie Ryan, Awards Production Assistant
  • Trey Farley, Games Awards Producer
  • John Maloney, Assistant Content Producer, Productions

Facilities & Front of House

  • Pauline Campbell, Head of Facilities
  • Steve Noble, IT Consultant
  • Angus Martin, Chief Projectionist
  • Stuart Allison, Senior Projectionist
  • Sue Atkinson, Facilities Administrator
  • Rianna Goss, Facilities Coordinator
  • Yemi Adenle, Club Host
  • Rose Mathurin, Club Host
  • Mark Ray-Jones, Club Host
  • Tara Dowd, Club Host
  • Nina Voelker, Club Host
  • Jo O'Mally, Club Host
  • Penelope Sharp, Club Host
  • Will Orpin, Club Host
  • Vanessa Russell, Club Host
  • Abi Gallo, Club Host
  • Anthony Bristoe, Club Host
  • Rob Mavronicolas, Day Security Guard
  • Jesse Scott, Evening Security Guard

BAFTA 195 Piccadilly

  • Julian Shaw, Director
  • Susan Holding, Head of Client Relationships
  • Jenny Bones, Head of Commercial Events
  • Theresa McInerney, Events Projects Manager
  • Anton Manganaro, Head Chef
  • Graham Lloyd-Bennett, Club Manager
  • Bogdan Starzec, Banqueting Manager
  • Hassan Sabrah, Banqueting Supervisor
  • Szandra German, Events Coordinator
  • Gabriella Dadras, Events Coordinator
  • Monika Kuszneruk, Financial Controller

Meet the 195 Piccadilly venue hire team


BAFTA Los Angeles

  • Chantal Rickards, Chief Executive Officer
  • Matthew Wiseman, Chief Operating Officer
  • Wayne Watkins, Vice President of Partnerships
  • Lisa Ogdie, Membership Coordinator
  • Ciaran Toner, Office Production Manager
  • Rosalyn Hummel, Administrative Assistant
  • Pete Modeste, Controller

BAFTA New York

  • Julie La’Bassiere, Chief Executive Officer
  • Lisa Harrison, Head of Operations
  • Sam Pezzullo, Membership Manager
  • Arwen Barr, Marketing and Events Manager

BAFTA Scotland (Glasgow)

  • Jude MacLaverty, Director
  • Beverley McMillan, Learning & Events Producer
  • Jenna Cunningham, Awards Manager
  • Emma Nicholson, Assistant

BAFTA Wales/BAFTA Cymru (Cardiff)

  • Hannah Raybould, Director
  • Llio Wyn, Events Officer
  • Rebecca Hardy, Awards Manager
  • Emma Price, Coodinator
  • Maxine Dedominicis, Awards Administrator