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The Academy is a membership-led organisation with an administrative team running day-to-day activities and implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees.


Senior Executives' Office

Amanda Berry OBE, Chief Executive
Kevin Price, Chief Operating Officer
Georgina Norton, Executive Assistant to the COO
Kemuel Solomon, Executive Office Coordinator & Assistant to the CEO
Catherine Griffiths, HR Consultant

Archive, Heritage & Exhibitions

Jordan Anderson, Photography & Exhibitions Intern
Louise Anderson, Heritage Manager
Janette Dalley, Freelance Photography Director
Doreen Dean MBE, Academy Archivist
Jaine Holford, Exhibitions Project Manager
Hannah Hutchins, Photography Assistant
Claire Rees, Photography Manager
Christine Robertson, Photography Editor
Shamica Ruddock, HLF Intern
Helen Warburton, Exhibitions Manager
Rosie Wilson, Media Manager

BAFTA Media Technology

Emma Perry. Head of BAFTA Media Technology
David Lortal, Senior Technical Development Officer
Toby Stokes, Software Engineer
Elliot Mitchell, Application Engineer
Kate Fisher, Junior Developer

Awards & Membership

Emma Baehr, Director of Awards & Membership
Jim Bradshaw, Head of Film
Serena Deakin, Games & Children's Coordinator, Awards & Membership
Dale Ellis, Head of Membership 
Imogen Faris, Film & Television Coordinator, Awards & Membership
Natalie Gurney, Awards & Membership Assistant
Timothy Hughes, Awards & Membership Administrator
David Lortal, Senior Technical Development Officer
Ollie Ship, Awards Intern
Kelly Smith, Head of Games & Children's
Pruthvi Pandit, Head of Television


Abigail Fiedler, Communications Assistant
Clare Isaacs, Projects Officer, Communications
Joe Lawrence, Graphic Designer
Jess Lenten, Communications Officer, Social Media and Content
Aaron Matthews, Industry Sustainability Manager
Eleanor Pickering, Press Officer
Emma Raczkowski, Communications Officer, Marketing
Julia Saubier - Communications Intern
Toby Weidmann, Print Editor
Nick Williams, Communications Manager


Gilly Burgess, Director of Finance
Tricia Duffy, Commercial Consultant
Graham Bowen, Financial Controller
Joe Baxter, Management Accountant
Aamir Dadabhoy, Finance Officer
Katie Jones, Finance Administrator - Accounts Payable

Partnerships & Fundraising

Louise Robertson, Director of Partnerships
Natalie Moss, Senior Manager – Partnerships
Amy Elton, Partner Manager
Charlie Perkin - Sales Executive
Andrew Overin, Head of Fundraising
Thessa Madden, Fundraising Officer (maternity leave) 
Laura Kloss, Interim Fundraising Officer 

Learning & New Talent

Tim Hunter, Director of Learning & New Talent
Niyi Akeju, PR & Learning Campaigns Manager
Mariayah Kaderbhai, Film Programme Manager
Alex Cook, Senior Manager - Talent Development
Katie Campbell, Skills Development Manager
Kam Kandola Flynn, Television Programme Manager
Lisa Prime, Children’s Events Programmer
Julia Carruthers, Learning & New Talent Officer
Alexa Tamsett, Learning & New Talent Assistant
Antonia Odunlami, Learning & New Talent Assistant
Kambole Campbell, Learning & New Talent Intern
Melissa Phillips, Freelance Project Coordinator
Claire Stratton, Event and Legacy Producer
Cassandra Neal, Events & BAFTA Crew Producer
Pelumi Akindude, Projects Producer

BAFTA Productions

Clare Brown, Director of Production
Georgina Cunningham, Production Coordinator
Daniel Dalton, In-House Editor
Ryan Doherty, Producer
Cassandra Hybel, Head of Production
Sophie Klein, Senior Awards Event Coordinator (Maternity Leave)
Jamie Ryan, Awards Production Assistant
Ciara Teggart, Awards Event Coordinator
Lucy Waller, Awards Event Producer

Facilities & Front of House

Pauline Campbell, Head of Facilities
Steve Noble, IT Consultant
Angus Martin, Chief Projectionist
Stuart Allison, Senior Projectionist
Sue Atkinson, Facilities Administrator
Sue Atkinson, Facilities Coordinator
Yemi Adenle, Club Host
Rose Mathurin, Club Host
Mark Ray-Jones, Club Host
Tara Dowd, Club Host
Nina Voelker, Club Host
Jo O'Mally, Club Host
Penelope Sharp, Club Host
Will Orpin, Club Host
Vanessa Russell, Club Host
Abi Gallo, Club Host
Anthony Bristoe, Club Host
Rob Mavronicolas, Day Security Guard
Jesse Scott, Evening Security Guard

BAFTA 195 Piccadilly

Julian Shaw, Director
Jenny Bones, Head of Commercial Events
Theresa McInerney, Events Projects Manager
Anton Manganaro, Head Chef
Graham Lloyd-Bennett, Club Manager
Bogdan Starzec, Banqueting Manager
Hassan Sabrah, Banqueting Supervisor
Szandra German, Events Coordinator
Gabriella Dadras, Events Coordinator
Monika Kuszneruk, Financial Controller
Anna Middleton, Events Administrator
Amy Walker, Events and Experience Manager

Meet the 195 Piccadilly venue hire team


BAFTA Los Angeles

Chantal Rickards, Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Wiseman, Chief Operating Officer
Leila Landers, Administrative Coordinator
Pete Modeste, Controller
Lisa Ogdie, Membership and Talent Development Manager
Ciaran Toner, New Talent and Content Manager
Wayne Watkins, VP, Partnerships

BAFTA New York

Julie La’Bassiere, Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Harrison, Head of Operations
Sam Pezzullo, Membership Manager
Arwen Barr, Marketing and Events Manager

BAFTA Scotland (Glasgow)

Jude MacLaverty, Director
Beverley McMillan, Learning & Events Producer
Jenna Cunningham, Awards Manager
Emma Nicholson, Assistant

BAFTA Wales/BAFTA Cymru (Cardiff)

Hannah Raybould, Director
Llio Wyn, Events Officer
Rebecca Hardy, Awards Manager
Emma Price, Coodinator
Maxine Dedominicis, Awards Administrator