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Chad Orororo | Sound Editor/Mixer

Chad Orororo | Sound Editor/Mixer

Chad initially had dreams of working as a music producer, and it was only while completing vocational training at the University of Kingston that his eyes were opened to the world of sound design in TV and Film. In one module, he was asked to work on a scene from the Pixar movie WALL-E, which had been stripped of all its sound. His task was to design his own audio for that scene, and by the end of the assignment he has a new career in his sights. While his mum was a film fan, he had no links to the industry and needed to find a way in.

Chad set to work handing out his CV at post production houses, and soon got on the ladder at Evolutions TV, first as a runner, and then assisting in the technical department. After moving to Molinare, he became an audio assistant working on a wide range of exciting projects including Oscar-winning film The White Helmets. As his career grew, he decided to go freelance and this year has proved to be a breakthrough.

Chad is lost for words to be part of Breakthrough UK, and is especially proud to help sound designers gain recognition for the work that they do. Often the unsung heroes of film, Chad says people sometimes don’t realise how sound can make or break a film, but he thrives on that pressure and is pleased to have taught his mum to recognise good sound design when she goes to the cinema! He’s passionate about his work and can’t believe he gets paid to create sounds, especially when it initially felt impossible to get into the industry. He hopes to continue working on important documentaries and big films in the future, using sound to take the audience on an emotional journey.

Chad’s Breakthrough credit is feature film Pele

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