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Gun No. 6 - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Single Documentary, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2019

12 May 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Zac Beattie for Gun No. 6 in the Documentary category

ZAC BEATTIE:  Wow, thank you very much.  

There's a million reasons why this film might never have made it to air, so thank you to everyone who held the faith throughout.  Our BBC commissioning editors were amazing, and the extraordinary team standing here, especially director James, producer Georgina, Rupert, everybody.  But of course our biggest thanks goes to the contributors who made this film possible.  The families whose loved ones were killed by Gun No. 6, who spoke extraordinarily openly and trusted us, and the men who, as reformed ex-offenders, like David, who trusted us and spoke so honestly to help us understand why some young men turn to violence.

We hope this film is a tiny contribution to its national conversation that we feel like we need to be having more urgently, and we would like to dedicate this to everyone who has lost people to this kind of violence, and especially to young people who right now need help not to choose violence.

Thank you.