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A BAFTA internship will put you in the middle of the action at one of the world’s most prestigious cultural organisations, equipping you with varied skills that will prove invaluable on the next step of your career. 

Many past BAFTA interns have gone onto roles within similar organisations, with several making the treacherous half-mile-ish journey across the river to the British Film Institute, working in events and festival roles, others mastering all things online for Film Four, while some are plying their trade freelance for clients like Everyman and Sheffield Doc Fest.

A certain few have chosen a more hands on approach and headed to the production side of things, wielding their cameras as freelance shooters, facilitating the magic at 3Mills Studios, or making things happen via roles at production companies. Another may well be working for a certain tech-giant whose namesake happens to be a fruit. If you’re really lucky though, we’ll let you stay here. We’ve found a home for many a BAFTA Intern over the years and we're proud to have them continue here as members of the ever-expanding BAFTA team.

Interested in applying?

New vacancies will be announced on Twitter and Facebook. In the meantime, read on to find out what it's like to work as a BAFTA intern and gain some tips for applying for the role, according to those that know best.

Past Interns

James Daly

Job title: Public Relations Intern

Job before BAFTA: Intern as a Runner at Number 9 Films and in the PR department at The Kennedy Center.

Favourite film, TV programme or game: Saving Mr Banks, Desperate Housewives and The Sims.

Favourite part of the job: Being able to contribute to every area of BAFTA’s varied work, from awards to new talent initiatives and event launches. BAFTA is so much more than red carpets and mask statuettes, and the range of projects has greatly enhanced my knowledge of the industry.

Interests outside of work: Running, going to the theatre, and board games!

My internship at BAFTA has given me a much deeper understanding of delivering communications campaigns for a wide-reaching charitable arts organisation, and of new talent in the film, games and TV industries, both of which have been very valuable for my future career path. I have also had greater responsibilities here than in previous jobs and have enjoyed contributing to the fast-paced and varied work that goes on at BAFTA.

I would advise anyone thinking of applying to be a BAFTA intern to throw themselves into every opportunity that comes around, because every experience informs your knowledge of the wider industry. The BAFTA team is made up of extremely welcoming and interesting people from a range of backgrounds, so there is a lot to learn if you seek it out!

Georgi Taroni

Job title: Partnerships & Fundraising Intern

Job before BAFTA: Graduated in English & Creative Writing from Goldsmiths University and was a Marketing & PR Assistant at a bespoke gifting company.

Favourite film, TV programme or game:  Gilmore Girls, anything Sophia Coppola, anything female led and run basically!

Favourite part of the job: Being able to contribute to the film, television and games industries in my own small but impactful way with the help of BAFTA. Working on the Awards ceremonies was hugely rewarding and inspiring and then focussing on fundraising felt like I was really making a difference.

Interests outside of work: Eating, reading, watching films/theatre/TV, baking and bike riding. 

BAFTA gives so many people the chance to learn and grow and although we support those working creatively the industries of the moving image – I have felt so supported and nurtured in my experience of working as an Intern. The role has been so varied and challenging and has shaped the way I think about charities, the arts and the corporate world.

The advice I would give to those just starting out would be to try out everything because you never know what you might be good at or might enjoy. There is so much choice but so little chance, so take every opportunity you can and be confident in what those opportunities have done for you and  your career – even if it has been a negative experience you can always use it for your own gain. Learn from others, your peers and those above you. And most of all, love what you do – even if its lugging bottles of champagne or carrying 100  gift bags, make it fun

Emily Mazzeo

Job title:  Production Intern

Job before BAFTA: Studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick and Video Production at Monash University, Melbourne.

Favourite film, TV programme or game:  Get Out, Whiplash, Django Unchained, Peaky Blinders, Penny Dreadful, Uncharted, Watchdogs and so many others!

Favourite part of the job: The variety of roles and the unpredictable nature of production. One minute I could be writing interview questions for Ben Wheatley or Viola Davies at the BAFTA office, the next minute I’m catching a train to the famous Angel’s costume warehouse on the other side of London, to pick up a crown and a nightie for Stephen Mangan to dress up in!

Interests outside of work: Going to the cinema or theatre, reading, writing and photography.

It’s really hard to summarise my experience at BAFTA concisely, because I’ve been a part of so much in such a short time! It really has been eye-opening, being part of an organisation that contributes so much to the creative sector, and across so many different mediums. It’s not just the BAFTA awards shows, but also the masterclasses, BAFTA Guru, BAFTA’s online content and much, much more. I’ve always admired BAFTA’s commitment to accessibility in the arts, and the role of production intern really jumped out at me, as I loved the idea of getting stuck in behind the scenes - at the office and on set. It’s given me the chance to try out many different production roles, which in turn has meant I know which areas of production I’d like to get involved with and pursue in the future.

 I help the production team with any of the projects they are working on, both in the BAFTA office and on-site during production shoots or awards shows and events. My roles can vary hugely day to day, especially in the lead up to and during an awards show. I’ve worked as a production assistant on set for BAFTA’s online content, helped research and collect video clips and information for Special Award recipients, helped create the winners’ envelopes and backstage passes during award season, and even worked on the red carpet at all of BAFTA’s awards shows.

It’s hard to pick a favourite moment from my time here, but there is definitely something very exciting and challenging about working behind the scenes on a live event or shoot, where anything and everything can go wrong and you have to think on your feet and work really hard as a team to make sure things run as smoothly as possible… though filming at The Savoy was also a highlight!

My advice to anyone applying for an internship would be, be prepared to throw yourself into every job you are assigned. No job is too small or menial – every task you do is helpful to someone, and in turn allows them to help someone else, which is essential for any well-functioning organisation. If you are helpful, people will remember you when they need help with more complicated jobs. And never underestimate the power of a good cup of tea!

Ollie Ship

Awards Intern

Job before BAFTA: I spent the summer after graduation pursuing creative projects, before temping and tutoring. I joined BAFTA in the New Year for the 2017 Awards Season.

Favourite Film, TV Show or Game: Too many to choose, naturally, but my favourite game is Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars (1996).

Favourite part of the job: Interacting first-hand with jurors, talent, agents and professionals within the Film, Television and Gaming Industries. Learning how these sectors operate, both ‘behind-the-scenes’ and in comparison with each other, is a fascinating experience.

Interests outside of work: Playing guitar, collecting vinyl records and avoiding the Central Line at rush-hour.

Working for the BAFTA Awards and Membership Team offers an insight that is usually inaccessible at an entry level. It’s a small team that performs the colossal task of administering entries, compiling jurors, processing membership and ticketing requests amongst other crucial logistics. It is, contrary to popular belief, much more than the glamourous evenings it is most recognised for –– and represents a huge part of what BAFTA does. It’s also great vantage point to learn about the industries BAFTA works with.

My responsibilities are often ad-hoc and split between the various ceremonies. From error-checking Television entries to co-ordinating VR loans for our games jurors: it’s a dynamic and varied role. I also chaperoned press and winners – bow-tie and all – at the BAFTA Film and Games Awards. And whilst there’s a fair bit of chaos in the eleventh hour; there’s a great camaraderie throughout the team, who all get involved to help each other out.

In terms of advice, it’s worth recognising that the Awards Team works simultaneously on Film, Television, Television Craft, Games and Children’s at any given moment. As an Intern, you’ll change gear frequently and work across these fields equally. So demonstrating an interest in all of these areas is certainly recommended. 

Clare Rankin

Production Intern

Job before BAFTA: I took 6 months out to work in a shop and travel.

Favourite film, TV programme or game: Erin Brockovich and Breaking Bad!

Favourite part of the job: I love working within a team to make all the many BAFTA events happen, from the very small to large. Seeing your work, however small the contribution, create these important events is amazing!

Interests outside of work: Going to the cinema/ watching films on the sofa in pyjamas, visiting art galleries and spending time with friends.

I studied Art History at university and knew I wanted to work within the arts sector, preferably for a charity. BAFTA attracted me because it is a charity that works to promote the industry and support the next generation of talent through various projects and events throughout the year.

My job is to support the work of the Production team, who produce digital content for BAFTA Online. I assist the Producer and/or Production Coordinator at BAFTA events, interviews and the awards ceremonies. On a daily basis I carry out pieces of research alongside producing material that the team needs for upcoming events, including talent spotting sheets and the award winners' envelopes. I also help the Events team with logistics based tasks. Highlights of my time at BAFTA have to be attending the Film Awards and being lucky enough to experience high-profile live events.

During my internship I have been exposed to many different areas of a large organisation and I definitely have a better idea of what I would like to explore in the future. My advice for people applying for internships/jobs would be if to begin with you are unsure of a permanent career path, just try things out. Internships are the best way to do this as they are temporary contracts, so don’t worry about restricting yourself to one particular area when you start out. Build experience and knowledge – there is so much out there that you have no idea exists until you find it!

Róisín Devine

Partnership and Fundraising Intern

Job before BAFTA: High Value Special Events intern at Cancer Research UK.

Favourite TV programme: Game of Thrones.

Favourite part of the job: probably the variety that comes with working across two teams.

Interests outside of work: Going to the Theatre; spending time with friends…

I was looking for a role that could combine my background in the arts with my interest in charity fundraising so the role at BAFTA seemed the perfect position.

I support the Partnerships and Fundraising teams, which are responsible for generating the income that enables BAFTA to continue its work across all streams of its activity. The Fundraising team are responsible for raising money to support BAFTA’s charitable remit so my work for them includes researching trusts and foundations that may support BAFTA and creating proposals to apply for their support. I also help the team to deliver fundraising events such as the Film Gala.

In Partnerships, I assist the team in managing BAFTA’s corporate partners and their involvement around the Awards ceremonies. So far, this has included helping to co-ordinate the Nominees’ Gift Bags and the Style Suites that help the nominees get red carpet ready. The highlights of my time at BAFTA so far have definitely been attending events like the Film Gala and Film Awards with the team.

To people looking for internships and jobs, I’d say that if you are unsure what to look for, consider positions that will enable you to develop a variety of skills and give you exposure to an industry you may be interested in. Just gaining this experience has really helped me to find the types of things I enjoy and has given me a better idea of what I’d like to do next.

Jonny Lincoln

Learning and Events Intern

Febuary 2015 - August 2015

Job before BAFTA: Management consulting analyst (ex-suit!). Also interned with a media production company.

Favourite Film: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover or The Deer Hunter

Favourite TV programmeGame of Thrones, No Offence

Favourite part of the job:  Working with a team of passionate people who I can talk to about films (every day), and getting to constantly learn within my job!

Interests outside work: Watching stuff, theatre, photography, planning travels, seeing friends, eating out



There was a Learning and Events element to all my previous roles, so getting to work in an organisation dedicated to this attracted me. I’ve always been passionate about film and the creative arts, but didn’t know how my practical skills and experience would translate. As a career-changer, a role at BAFTA offered me the chance to gain an insight across Film, Television and Games and fully realise the vast options and directions available in the creative industries.

My role covers all things that assist the Learning and Events team in the delivery of their events. Office side, I compose the weekly mail-out newsletters, create online screening and event content, manage ticket sales and guest lists, coordinate travel for guests and get to assist with ah-hoc tasks such as research and editing. Beyond this, I get the chance to work our bigger events and assist with the running of full-day forums; liaising with our guests and delegates in a customer-facing role, and supporting with the production and coordination of the event.

My highlight: Getting to ‘tux up’ and attend the Television Awards with the team.

Aspiring interns: It can be a tough industry to get your first role in, especially if you don’t have a creative background. Show how your existing experience translates to the specific tasks of the role offered, and be positive, passionate and resilient! Also don’t be scared to show your personality, it’s actually encouraged!

James Arden

Communications Intern

March 2015 - June 2015

Job before BAFTA: Studying a Masters Degree in Digital Film Production at the University of York, directing music videos and working on the P&P/production side of film festivals including Raindance, LUMA and Aesthetica Short Film Festival.

Favourite Film: Blow Up

Favourite TV programme: Mad Men

Favourite part of the job:  Working with great people in an increasingly important and constantly changing field. Digital communications is only just getting started.

Interests outside work: Filmmaking, escaping to Brighton or Yorkshire, finding weird shows in Soho. The usual.



I was following BAFTA closely and waiting for an internship to open up at the right time. The work BAFTA does for the film, television and games industries is invaluable and I wanted to be a part of it. When I saw an opportunity open up, I thought I could bring a unique set of skills to the position whilst having the chance to learn much more about digital communications, so I applied straight away.

There's a lot of scope for different activities in my role. I spend time on all our social media platforms (specialising somewhat in Instagram, which is great). I also publish press releases, write copy, update and post content on BAFTA Guru... the list goes on. I've even managed to squeeze in a bit of filming with the production team. 

My highlight is definitely attending Christopher Nolan's lecture. It was fantastic to hear him speak in person. The Members bar is also a lovely destination for a drink after work.

Aspiring interns: if you've got other interests that don't necessarily directly fit with the role, don't hide them. Show your range of skills and find ways to use them within the role. Have a CV full of great content, but make it look stylish too. Also don't listen to me at all - be yourself.

Danielle Rayner

Communications Intern

August 2014 - February 2015

Job before BAFTA: Studying English Language & Literature at King’s College London, interning in PR and communications, and doing work experience in TV production at Studio Lambert, ITV and the BBC.  

Favourite TV programme: Homeland/ Breaking Bad

Favourite part of the job:  Having the opportunity to work with such lovely, creative people in a really fluid and interesting role.

Interests outside work: Tea-drinking, heading back up North to visit family, performing, and exploring London…speak-easy’s, silent discos and all.



I’d just graduated from King’s and came across the job on Twitter! I knew straight away that I'd love the role - it not only enables me to fuse my previous working experience with my long-standing interest in the creative industries, but also provides me with the opportunity to work for a dynamic world-renowned charity. On researching for my application, I found out about BAFTA’s initiatives that encourage the work of budding creatives (Breakthrough Brits, BAFTA Rocliffe New Writing Forum, Young Game Designers etc.) and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t heard about them before. I was excited to get involved with promoting these initiatives as part of the comms team. 

My job is to assist the communications team with formulating, editing and publishing written and visual content for the, BAFTA Guru, BAFTA 195 and YGD websites, and for all of BAFTA’s social media platforms. It’s a really varied role! I can usually be found writing articles, live-tweeting at an event, organising and undertaking interviews with BAFTA winners, creating images on Photoshop, or uploading website content. We’re also just about to launch our very snazzy new BAFTA websites so I’ve been doing some website migration & copy writing/formatting too. 

My highlight so far: Getting to listen to Emma Thompson’s words of wisdom at her Screenwriters' Lecture.

When this internship comes to an end, I’m certain that I’d like to keep working in the TV and film industry, but not sure yet in what capacity. I’m still learning & exploring so will see what happens...! 

If I had to give advice to people applying for internships/jobs, I’d say… tailor your CV for each role, do lots of research about the company, let your personality shine through in your application, and get a friend or family member to do a practice interview with you (always embarrassing but really productive).


Emma Reidy

Communications Intern

January 2014 - July 2014

Job before BAFTA: Studied English Literature & Theatre at the University of Leeds and completed an internship with The Huffington Post.

Favourite films: Little Miss Sunshine.

Favourite part of the job: Genuinely enjoying every day of work with a brilliant team & having the chance to work at events involving some of the biggest names in film & TV.

Interests outside work: I can usually be found at a gig, learning to play the guitar, reading or catching up with friends.



I came across the internship vacancy on Twitter, and saw an opportunity I simply couldn't pass up. I believe the organisation has a lot to offer aspiring creatives and I wanted to be a part of that. The role itself was a perfect way for me to draw from the work experience I had and learn new skills in an industry I knew I would enjoy.

My role varies daily which I love. Some days I’ll be creating original content & updating the websites and other days I’ll be live-tweeting at a BAFTA event, researching for the marketing team & editing copy. I am also involved with previewing BAFTA Guru content and assisting in the promotion of videos & articles via social media.

My highlights include working at events that I want to attend anyway! Listening to Paul Greengrass discuss his experiences as a director gave me an interesting insight into the film industry. I also enjoyed Greg Daniels' Comedy Masterclass and finding out about the writing process for my favourite TV comedy The Office US.

My internship has opened up many possibilities and I’m grateful to have had such an exciting start to my career since leaving university. I have thoroughly enjoyed communications in the creative industries and am eager to continue developing in a similar role.

Aspiring interns: if you really want an internship with BAFTA, it’s not enough to explain why you’d fit the role - you need to demonstrate a genuine interest for the organisation itself. Work really hard to put your personality on paper & make yourself stand out against the hundreds of other applicants. Good luck!

Liz Rainsberry

Archive Assistant (University placement)

August 2013 - August 2014

Job before BAFTA: Studying music, specialising in composition and screen music, at university.

Favourite films: Difficult question! Too many of those to decide properly, but if I had to choose, my favourite film would be Princess Mononoke, and my favourite game would be Sword and Sworcery.

Favourite part of the job: Getting to attend masterclasses led by highly regarded screen composers.

Interests outside work: Composing music, playing video games, watching films, composing music, spending time with friends and family. Did I mention composing music?



I applied for an Archive Assistant role as part of my university’s placement scheme. The reason why I was intrigued with BAFTA was because I had long been interested in the art of the moving image, especially the music, sound, and practical aspects of film and video games. I was specifically attracted to the Archive and Heritage side, because I have worked, and have also been generally interested in researching, project management and planning.

My duties primarily involved the digitisation of BAFTA’s archive material, and converting journals and video tapes into digital formats, for both internal and external use. I also got myself involved in administrative roles to support the Archive and Heritage department, such as creating and maintaining databases, researching and writing online features for the Heritage page, and supporting photography at various events and photo shoots.

I have had many a highlight in my job - a few included being able to attend the BAFTA Film Awards, and the chance to work at the BAFTA Inside Games showcase and awards ceremony; that was followed by working on a couple of online features regarding video games. Those experiences in particular I felt humbled to have been a part of, and it was wonderful to be given those opportunities.

After my time at BAFTA, I will be heading back to university to complete my degree. And then after that, I would ideally like to freelance as a composer for a variety of mediums, including films and video games, but ultimately, I am open to many opportunities as long as I stay working in the creative industries!

Advice that I would give to people applying for either an internship or a job is to make sure your skills shine through in your CV and portfolio; prioritise them and demonstrate what you can do. Show that not only you have the skills, but you also have some personality in your work. Research thoroughly into the role. Think about not only what you hope to gain from the role, but mostly what the organisation can benefit from working with you. Also, just generally ‘being brave’ helps.