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Illuminating BAFTA

The Illuminating BAFTA campaign has completely redeveloped BAFTA’s home at 195 Piccadilly, expanding its capacity and installing state-of-the-art technology throughout the building.

The redevelopment provides BAFTA with a dedicated learning space for the very first time, enabling us to dramatically increase the year-round work we do to find and support new talent, both in the UK and globally.

Having formally reopened on 27 January 2022, 195 Piccadilly is now a world-class centre for new talent and a vital investment in the creative future of our industries.

The redevelopment will enable BAFTA to:

  • Provide 80,000 people a year with the tools to pursue a career in film, games and television
  • Expand our flagship learning and new talent initiatives such as Breakthrough, Young Game Designers, Guru Live and Elevate
  • Support the creation of a new, UK-wide BAFTA talent development scheme to help talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds find work experience and apprenticeships in the film, games and television industries
  • Create new initiatives to address skills gaps in the industry
  • Provide a regular public programme of events, deepening public appreciation for and knowledge of the craft of film, games and television

To find out more about the redevelopment please browse the 'Explore the Redevelopment' tab below. We are very grateful to all our supporters who have made our plans possible.