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It is with regret that we announce the death of the BAFTA Cymru Special Award winner: John Hefin

20 November 2012

John Hefin, the TV director and former head of drama at BBC Wales, has died at the age of 71 from cancer.

"John was giant of the Welsh tv and film industry - a ground-breaking producer and director whose talent and work was recognised far beyond Wales' borders. At the recent BAFTA Cymru awards, where he was recognised for his outstanding contribution to Television Drama, he said "It was, and still is, better sometimes to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission," and dedicated his BAFTA Special Award to all the cast and crews he had worked with and who had said "yes" to him over the years. He always recognised talent around him on all levels and went on to pass on his knowledge and inspire creativity in the next generation of drama producers and film-makers. He was a wonderful professional and a true gentleman. He will be greatly missed by the everyone in the industry. Everyone here at BAFTA Cymru sends our sincere condolences to John's wife Elin and family."

Dewi Vaughan Owen, BAFTA in Wales Chair