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Head of Sales (Maternity Cover), BAFTA 195 Piccadilly Events Department

1 November 2017

BAFTA is looking for a Head of Sales (Maternity Cover) to join its busy 195 Piccadilly Events Department.

Job Title: Head of Sales (Maternity Cover), BAFTA 195 Piccadilly

Department: BAFTA 195 Piccadilly Events Department

Reporting to: Director BAFTA 195 Piccadilly

Contract: November 2017 – December 2018 

Overall Purpose of the Role

The Head of Sales is responsible for devising and delivering the budgeted revenue of over £3 million from commercial hire of the venue ‘BAFTA 195 Piccadilly’. Revenue is generated from room hire, in-house food & beverage, in-house technical requirements and commission from external suppliers.

Key elements of the role entail:

  • Leading the BAFTA 195 sales and events team to realise the budget and any additional opportunities;
  • Input and delivery of the sales and marketing strategy with a focus both on client retention and acquisition;
  • Liaison with senior management at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly;
  • Ensuring BAFTA 195 Piccadilly remains at the forefront of clients minds as best-in-class;
  • Be a key liaison with the wider BAFTA organisation;

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • To lead, motivate and manage the sales team to achieve budget and individual targets;
  • To develop the capabilities of the sales team through training and mentoring;
  • To ensure systems are in place to monitor performance and to conduct regular appraisals and set annual objectives;
  • To ensure all necessary contractual documentation for clients and suppliers is regularly reviewed and updated;
  • To liaise with the Financial Controller to ensure financial systems are in place, to monitor client payments and manage the level of Aged Debtors and financial risk;
  • To utilise Salesforce effectively to deliver a secure diary and events management capability and ensure the bookings systems is regularly reviewed and updated for both sales and marketing purposes.


  • To ensure pricing for venue hire, food & beverage and ancillary services are annually reviewed alongside competitor benchmarking;
  • From the benchmarking analysis, review client presentation of pricing and implement necessary changes to retain competitiveness;
  • To introduce new ways of upselling food & beverage, production services, in-house technical equipment and the services of the Accredited Suppliers;
  • To create a strategy to develop key client accounts and monitor levels of repeat business;
  • To maximize commercial opportunities by creating experiential events which can be promoted to BAFTA 195 clients both for delivery at 195 Piccadilly and at other locations;

Product Development:

  • Liaise with Head of Facilities to ensure the building is well presented and in the annual budgeting cycle, liaise on facility improvements which will assist with increasing revenue and client satisfaction;
  • Develop good and effective working relationships with the Accredited Suppliers and conduct annual performance reviews;
  • Hold responsibility for making changes to the Accredited Supplier list;
  • Identify key trends in the events industry and work with the appropriate teams to evaluate possible implementation and impact.

Event Management:

  • Develop process documents and tracking to ensure each event and communication around each event exceeds client and guest expectations;
  • Ensure there are robust systems in place to actively manage Health & Safety including all appropriate risk assessments and method statements;
  • Actively work with the BAFTA 195 Management Team to ensure that all required event support services are in place;
  • Ensure that no client or event presents a risk to the reputation of BAFTA;
  • Monitor client questionnaires and ensure any issues are addressed promptly.


  • Create and deliver an annual sales and marketing plan to assist in delivering the BAFTA 195 budget;
  • Manage the sales and marketing budget, quantifying ROI where possible on marketing spend;
  • Work with any appointed agencies in the delivery of hosted events, showcases, photoshoots and press events at BAFTA 195;
  • Develop and increase client database;
  • Develop a programme of activation events to cultivate new clients and / or repeat business;
  • Ensure the BAFTA 195 Newsletter is regularly distributed, maximizing effectiveness;
  • Attend and represent BAFTA 195 at key marketing events both at 195 Piccadilly and off-site at exhibitions and networking events;
  • Manage the team presence at exhibitions and other cultivation events as required.

Stakeholder Management:

  • Work closely with other BAFTA departments, ensuring good working relationships are developed and maintained;
  • Work closely with the BAFTA Partnership Team and other BAFTA stakeholders to ensure that all BAFTA 195 hire benefits are clearly defined and liaise with other stakeholders on Gift of the Academy benefits.

Contact details:

Please send a cover letter and CV to:

Jenny Bones - [email protected]

Please take the time to fill out our Diversity Monitoring Survey. All the information you provide will be anonymous and is not considered with your application.