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BAFTA's Sustainability Efforts

BAFTA’s industry leading position on sustainability recognises the need for economic, social and environmental security within the film, television and games sectors, whilst acknowledging the demands in meeting creative excellence.

Open Water

Our mission is to support the UK production and broadcast industry’s transition to environmental sustainability, working in collaboration to accelerate the adoption of best practice.

We do it by educating and providing industry colleagues with the necessary expertise and opportunities to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of the production process
  • Create diverse opportunities for audiences to engage with the climate agenda

Hosted by BAFTA, all of albert’s activity is funded by a core group of broadcasters and production companies who make albert’s tools and resources free for the rest of the industry. Activity includes:

  • Free carbon calculator for productions
  • Sustainable certification system for productions
  • Free weekly training for programme makers
  • A renewable electricity group procurement programme

Visit the albert website for more information >

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