Princess Anne Theatre

World class cinema with A-List pedigree and unrivalled viewing experience; the jewel in the BAFTA 195 crown

State-of-the-art cinema with the finest viewing experience in the capital.

A charged atmosphere permeates the space, which, time and again, has played host to the most influential figures in film, television and games. The Princess Anne Theatre is renowned for its iconic viewing experience, enviable prestige and technical prowess.

Named after the member of the royal family who was BAFTA’s first president from 1972 to 2001, the Princess Anne Theatre opened to members in December 1975 with a private screening of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. The following year, Stanley Kubrick chose the theatre to premiere One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, with a Q&A from Jack Nicholson and producer Michael Douglas.

The theatre proudly hosts many special evenings, including BAFTA members’ screenings that take place ahead of the annual Film and Television Awards. Up to 227 guests can be seated in the plush red velvet armchairs, many of which are endowed by international stars including George Clooney, Daniel Day-Lewis, Madonna, and Julie Andrews.

And of course there is the unrivalled audiovisual experience you would expect from the home of the moving image.

Our world-class digital cinema projector reproduces everything from timeless classics to 3D blockbusters in high-fidelity, matched by an impeccable audio quality assured by a top-of-the-range Dolby sound system.

The Princess Anne Theatre lends a special quality to film premieres, private screenings, conferences, seminars and award ceremonies throughout the year, as well as adding memorable prestige to weddings, bar mitzvahs and other celebrations.

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Details and Specification

Length 13.92m / 42’ 

Width 5.5m / 18'

Height 6m / 20’


227 Auditorium seating 
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2 × Cinemeccanica 35/70mm projectors

1 × BARCO DP 4K-32B Digital Cinema Projector (with Dolby 3D capability)

AV Equipment

Dolby 7.1 Digital Sound 

1× Dolby digital server

1 × Pioneer DVD player

1 × Sony digibeta player

1 × Oppo Blu-ray player

1 × Denon CD player

1 × Sky HD


4 × Sennheiser lapel microphones (four extra available)

6 × tabletop microphones (5 × long goosenecks) 

2 × Sennheiser handheld microphones


4 × 1000W Fresnel spots

2 × 2000W Fresnel spots

4 × profile spots

2 × Dedo back lights

2 × SGM Giotto Profile 400 (spotlight and effect gobos)

2 × SGM Giotto Spot 400 CMY (28mm gobos for logos)

RGB LEDs for handrails and curtains

Controlled from SGM Proline Pilot 3000

Lines on Stage

5 × XLR microphone sockets (each side)

6 × XLR microphone sockets (for table microphones)

1 × VGA computer link

2 × BNC HD-SDI links

2 × ethernet ports for internet access (each side)

Lines on Stairs

2 × BNC links (each side on rows B and D)

1 × XLR microphone link (each side on rows B and D)

Lines on Back Aisle

12 × XLR microphone link

1 × BNC link