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Kwadjo Dajan Wins the Break-Through Talent Award in 2012

9 May 2012
Neil McKay picks up the BAFTA for Break-Through Talent on behalf of Kwadjo Dajan who was unable to pick up the Award in person. Kwadjo won the Award as co-producer on Appropriate Adult.BAFTA / Brian Ritchie

Discover how the up-and-coming talents nominated in the Break-Through category first broke into the television industry.

Kwadjo Dajan was awarded the Break-Through Talent Award at the Television Craft Awards. This BAFTA recognises emerging talent in any part of the behind-the-camera production process. It is designed to reward those who have made a significant impact, for the first time, in the creation of a television programmes.

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Meet the Break-Through Talents...

Bafta Guru Rgb Pos Lge Transparent We asked each of the 2012 nominees to answer key questions about how they first broke into the TV industry. Click through from each of the names below to read their individual interviews on BAFTA Guru.
Kwadjo Dajan

WINNER: Kwadjo DajanBAFTA mask

Kwadjo Dajan Interview on BAFTA Guru >

I’ve always been fascinated by the way in which the art of storytelling could challenge, inspire or transport people from one reality to another.

The Nominees...

Stefan Golaszewski

Stefan Golaszewski

Stefan Golaszewski Interview on BAFTA Guru >

I did lots of live comedy at university. Thankfully, no evidence of it exists.

Tom Basden

Tom Basden

Tom Basden Interview on BAFTA Guru >

You spend a lot of time on your own as a writer, so it’s important to really love the stuff you’re writing.

Clare Johns

Clare Johns

Clare Johns Interview on BAFTA Guru >

There have been many people who have helped me along the way; these relationships are critical and long lasting.