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Yugo BAFTA Student Awards - Programming

Student filmmakers are the future of the film industry and we believe it is critical to use our access to connect these talented students with industry professionals and foster a community of education.

All student who are selected to be on the Student Awards Shortlist are invited to attend educational programming and events online. These events are designed to help students network, learn from filmmaking veterans, and familiarize them with the global entertainment industry.

Submissions are now closed for the 2023 Yugo BAFTA Student Awards. 


SFA Masterclass

Studio Tours and Master Classes

Finalists in the Yugo BAFTA Student Awards are typically flown into Los Angeles, where we take them on a tour of LA including studios, production companies, agencies, and of course, a few tourist stops. We utilize our industry connections through our membership to give the filmmakers, many of whom are visiting Los Angeles for the first time, an overview of how Hollywood works, providing venues for networking and the sharing of expertise through seminars, parties, special screenings, and meetings. Our student filmmakers are also invited to attend filmmaking masterclasses designed to give the students an in-depth look at a certain filmmaking topic. 

Headline: Producers' Briefing: Jeremy Kleiner Venue: River Room, The SavoyDate: Tuesday 6th December 2016 Hosts: Mariayah Kaderbhai BAFTA/Jamie Simonds

Power Meetings

BAFTA Power Meetings allow groups of three shortlisted filmmakers speed-network with four industry luminaries for 15 minutes each, over the course of an hour.