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BAFTA Elevate 2019-2020 | Actors

Here are some of the things the 2019-20 cohort of actors have had to say about their Elevate experience: 

The one to ones have been truly inspirational, people I have admired for years who I saw as legends were put in rooms with me, to chat and develop genuine relationships. 

- Micky McGregor

It’s been an incredible ride and such an honour to be picked by BAFTA to be part of Elevate.  I’ve started professional relationships that, before, I could only have dreamt of.

- Rhoda Ofori-Attah

For so long as a South Asian actress I felt like I was shouting into the void endlessly frustrated by the roles I was being offered but being part of BAFTA Elevate has given me the opportunity to meet so many other women who shared and validated my frustrations. There is definitely a shift in the industry and I feel like we are being heard.

- Anjli Mohindra

To get the BAFTA Elevate stamp of approval has been life-changing.

- Saskia Chana

It means the world to me to have been involved with Elevate. I’m a very happy Elevater.

- Melissa Johns

Elevate helped me to learn more skills as an actor, meet incredible writers, directors, producers and casting directors, get a brilliant agent help me achieve my dreams.

- Tommy Jessop