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Spotlight on Jules Nurrish

6 July 2011
Jules Nurrish

We ask director and student Jules Nurrish about life as a Brit in LA and her achievements in the film industry to date.

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You’ve been selected as one of BAFTA’s Brits to Watch. What has been your career highlight of the past year?

Directing a short film (‘Small Ransom’) written by someone else - a first for me - under the tutelage of Academy award-winning filmmaker, Bobby Moresco.

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What’s your worst habit for procrastinating when you’re meant to be working?

Eating and Facebook. Sometimes at the same time.

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What single piece of advice would you give to a young person trying to break into your discipline and get themselves noticed?

Do what you love, and tell the stories that excite you, not what you think the ‘market’ wants.

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How important is knowing people? Is raw talent enough?

Unfortunately, raw talent isn’t enough, but it certainly helps! I cannot stress enough the importance of having a wide and diverse network of people around you, especially in Hollywood where almost everyone you meet is in the ‘business’. My policy is to be nice to everyone; you never know how they might be able to help you, and vice versa.

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Which of your projects are you most proud?

A short film called ‘Bend It’ that I directed while still living in London. It was a small, low-budget project made with a team of close collaborators that premiered at Sundance 2008.

Bend It from Jules Nurrish on Vimeo.

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Have you been to Los Angeles before? If so, how does it feel to be a Brit over there? If not, what are you expecting?

I’ve lived in LA since 2008. It’s an incredible city, and I’m constantly amazed at the range and breadth of talent here. I’ve only ever felt welcome in LA, and the English accent really can help!

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BAFTA President the Duke of Cambridge will be attending the event. What will you say if you get the chance to meet him?

I think I’ll ask him who his favourite filmmaker is.

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How did you celebrate the Royal Wedding?

With champagne and sausage rolls. And enjoying all of those hats.

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How do think the UK film industry will change in the next few years?

I think there will be less emphasis on cinema going, and more focus on watching and selling films online. Ultimately, people want to see compelling and truthful stories on screen – no matter how big the screen – so hopefully there will still be a place for strong films and filmmaking.

Give us some insider info (shhh): Who would you chose as your ‘Brit to Watch’ in the coming year(s) – who are you tipping for big things?
As a resident of the city of self-promotion, I’ll say Jules Nurrish. Optimism is key, surely.

Jules Nurrish: Crazy Baby

Jules Nurrish: Hard Times

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