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Miriam Chandy Menacherry | Producer I Director

Miriam Chandy Menacherry | Producer I Director

Miriam Chandy Menacherry is a producer and founder director of Filament Pictures, based in Mumbai. With a background in filmmaking and journalism, Miriam clearly has a love for films that celebrate everyday heroes, including the documentaries Stuntmen of Bollywood (2005), Robot Jockey (2007), The Rat Race (2012), Lyari Notes (2015) and her most recent producer-director credits, The Leopard’s Tribe and From the Shadows (both 2022). She also directed the Indian version of documentary series Back to the Floor (2004) for BBC World.

Miriam’s social documentaries have won international acclaim, premiering at leading film festivals around the world and broadcast on the likes of Al Jazeera, Arte France, BBC, National Geographic, and Netflix. She is one of 18 filmmakers selected for the Global Media Makers Fellowship by Film Independent and the US State Department of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

In their own words...

“I’m thrilled to be a BAFTA Breakthrough, as it has been an exciting year for me having wrapped up two documentaries in 2022. The Indian documentary has been making its mark on the world stage and it is an exciting time for factual films to build collaborations and synergies... I believe films are cultural bridges and I hope that through Breakthrough I can build and grow as a creative professional and filmmaker.”

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