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Ellora Torchia | Performer

Ellora Torchia | Performer

Ellora trained as a boxer until she was 18, while also attending dance school. But it was acting that won her heart in the end, and she set her sights on the shining lights of RADA. In her third year she played the lead in Ibsen’s The Lady from the Sea, an experience so equally amazing and terrifying that it cemented her desire to become an actor. After graduating, she ticked French cinema off her bucket list, starring in the film, Les Cowboys.

It’s been a busy breakthrough year for Ellora, starring in Into the Earth (which she initially thought was “bonkers but absolutely fantastic”), Ali & Ava and a Channel 4 short called Cradled, which gained her industry attention and acclaim. Ellora is passionate about her work - she says acting gives her a silence, where the world disappears. She’s keen to continue playing psychologically complex roles and collaborating with visionary directors who work in unique ways. Despite her success, she still runs a small food business with her dad alongside her acting, so she never stops working!

Ellora is humbled and grateful to be included in BAFTA Breakthrough after years of fighting for roles and making difficult decisions about which projects to take. It’s validation that following her gut has been the right choice. Work in the pipeline for next year includes scripts that have really touched her and reflect her personal growth. She’s excited to continue to push herself forward through exciting projects.

Ellora’s Breakthrough credit is feature film In The Earth

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