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BAFTA Connect: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply?

We are not currently accepting applications for BAFTA Connect. The next opportunity to apply will be in 2025. 

Do I need to apply every year?

No, if you are selected, you can remain a member for up to three years, renewing in June each year. 

Do I have to commit to three years? 

No. We very much hope you will see the benefits of renewing each year, but if you do want to leave BAFTA Connect then you can do that at each annual renewal  point. 

What happens after I have been a BAFTA Connect member for three years?

Connect membership is designed to offer up to three years of career development, networking, and a wide range of benefits as a pathway to full voting membership of BAFTA. After three years as a Connect member, you will be invited to apply for full voting membership. A two year extension to your Connect membership will also be available in certain circumstances on application.

I am an experienced practitioner looking for training that will develop my technical skills. Is this membership for me?

The BAFTA Connect membership is not a technical training course or a project lab, and it is not designed for one specific craft.  The membership is designed to provide a community of creatives at a similar level opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, collaboration, support, as well as insight from BAFTA’s network of global practitioners to their expert knowledge and creative solutions.

How do I refer to my membership?

We encourage successful applicants to refer to themselves as BAFTA Connect members. 


How much does BAFTA Connect membership cost?

Connect is a discounted BAFTA membership priced at £120.00 per year (for members living and working within 60-miles - as the crow flies - of BAFTA 195 Piccadilly) or £80.00 per year (for members living and working more than 60-miles from BAFTA 195 Piccadilly in England and in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland).

Annual fees for those based in North America are $175.

I’m interested in BAFTA Connect but I cannot afford the fee

If you feel that you are at the right level for Connect membership, we encourage you to apply. If your application is approved, we will be happy to discuss financial support for fees.

Can I financially sponsor someone’s place on BAFTA Connect Membership

BAFTA is a charitable organisation - we welcome companies or individuals to sponsor their employees or clients if they are selected.


For a breakdown of the UK eligibility criteria, please click here

Which roles/departments do you accept for BAFTA Connect?

Applications are welcomed from all roles across development, production management, craft, technical, post production, exhibition, and sales, acquisitions & distribution across film, games and television. Applications are accepted across all genres. Please note that we are unable to accept applications from actors and agents for Connect UK

I have more than five years’ experience, am I still eligible?

Yes, if you meet one of the outlined criteria and feel that this membership is suitable to your experience level, we encourage you to apply. You may also wish to look at the criteria for full BAFTA membership to decide which level suits your experience best. 

For craft, technical editorial and research roles, what is considered a main team credit?

A main team credit in your department includes assistant and coordinator positions, floor or production runners but does not include trainee credits. To include a credit, it must be from a project that has either been broadcast, streamed, or released online or from a theatrically/ commercially  released feature, game or television project.

I am already an existing BAFTA member, can I apply? 

This membership is not applicable to full, associate and branch BAFTA Members. Full, associate and branch BAFTA Members will be invited to attend events to meet Connect members to facilitate professional relationships, and can also nominate potential candidates by filling out this form. If you’d like to offer your time to support BAFTA’s wider new talent activity, please email [email protected]

I am returning to the industry after a career break, can I apply?

We welcome applications from those who are returning to the industry and there are opportunities within the application form to communicate this to us. If you have any questions or concerns about UK eligibility, please email [email protected].  For questions regarding North America eligibility please email [email protected].

I’m a writer working in theatre, can I apply?

Yes. If you have experience working in theatre and are currently participating in a writers room or working towards your debut project in film or television, we encourage you to apply.

I work in a craft and technical role but do not have experience in film and television. Can I apply?

If you have extensive experience in commercials, short film and/or theatre your application may still be considered at the discretion of the jury.

I am a trainee, am I eligible for BAFTA Connect membership?

No, this programme is not aimed at trainees, instead it is for those already working in the industry. Trainees are eligible to apply for Guru Live Access Pass. We also run scholarships and our programme of year round events is open to all. Please sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about these opportunities.

I am in full-time education, is this programme for me?

No, this programme is aimed at those already working in the screen industries. Students should visit Guru Live, BAFTA’s festival for new entrants across film, games and television held in London, Scotland and Wales.

I am a film, games and/or television enthusiast, am I eligible?

Unfortunately not, this membership is aimed at those actively working in the film, games or television industry with professional credits. If you are entering the industry, find out more about Guru Live, our annual festival for new entrants in film, games and television


How will BAFTA Connect members be selected?

Members will be selected by a jury of representatives across film, games and television who are looking for the relevant experience and a commitment to working in the industry.

I work in the industry. How do I recommend someone for BAFTA Connect membership?

If you would like to suggest someone for BAFTA Connect you can provide us with their details here. Please ensure that you have their permission to share their contact details before doing so. We will then contact them to invite them to apply directly.

Can I apply with my colleagues?

Due to the nature of membership, all applications must be submitted on an individual basis and will be reviewed as such. There are no restrictions in regards to how many individuals can apply from the same company or project. If other members of your creative team/colleagues are applying for Connect Membership, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us about this on your application form.

I am an agent wishing to apply on my client's behalf. Is this possible? 
We ask that all candidates to BAFTA Connect answer the three key application questions themselves and use their own details (ie email address) on the site. Agents may however of course administrate the application on their client’s behalf.


How does Connect membership differ from BAFTA Crew?

Crew was a programme of activity whereas Connect is a new tier of BAFTA membership. With Connect you will be a member of BAFTA for up to three years, with access to the members’ club at the newly restored BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, the year-round programme of events available to members, opportunities to hire the newly developed screening room at a reduced rate, and access to select online content on BAFTA View, BAFTA’s online viewing portal. This is in addition to the monthly tailored programme of career development events previously associated with Crew.

Is BAFTA Crew still running?

No. BAFTA Crew was a long-standing development programme which supported the development of the careers of thousands of talented individuals. We are very proud of the success of the Crew programme.
BAFTA will continue to offer a similar programme of activity, but it will be exclusively offered to Connect members.
We believe that there is a huge value to becoming a Connect member and the membership fees represent that value. However, we do not want the fees to be a barrier to access. Financial bursaries and support with fees will be available.

I have already participated in the BAFTA Crew programme, am I eligible for the BAFTA Connect Membership?

Yes, we welcome applications from current and former BAFTA Crew participants. Applicants will still need to meet the relevant criteria in their department or area of work to be considered.

 I have already participated in the BAFTA Crew programme and have more than 5 years professional experience. Can I apply?

Yes, if you feel that this membership tier and network is suitable for you. You may also wish to look at the criteria for full BAFTA membership to decide which level suits your experience best. 

Is the BAFTA Scotland/ BAFTA Cymru Career Starter membership/New York Young Professionals still available?

No, these memberships have now come to an end. We encourage those who previously took part in Career Starter and Young Professional memberships to apply to BAFTA Connect. This membership offers individuals the opportunity to be part of a wider community of professionals across film, games and television while offering tailored development support.

How does BAFTA Connect membership differ from BAFTA Scotland / BAFTA Cymru Career Starter/New York Young Professionals membership?

Connect members living and working in Scotland, Wales and North America will receive all the benefits associated with their previous membership in addition to the nationwide benefits of Connect membership. 


Are BAFTA Connect members eligible to vote?

No. BAFTA Connect membership offers a range of member benefits, career development and networking opportunities. Full members of BAFTA are eligible to vote for the Awards. We encourage Connect members to apply for full membership after three years on Connect. 

What will the BAFTA Connect tailored development programme consist of?

The tailored programme will operate as a hybrid model of online and live events, featuring monthly networking, workshops, masterclasses, roundtables and conferences with BAFTA-winners, nominees and industry professionals.

Any live events will be based on the geographical location of the Connect membership. In the UK travel bursaries will be available for those based more than 60 miles from the event venue

What are the benefits of Connect membership for those living and working outside of London?

Wherever you are based in the UK, there will be a wide range of networking and learning events available to you, as we operate a hybrid online and in-person programme and plan live events around the geographical location of Connect members. You will also have access to curated content on BAFTA View, BAFTA’s online viewing platform.

For those living and working in Scotland or Wales, the full BAFTA Cymru and BAFTA Scotland programmes of events and screenings will also be available to you.

The benefits provided to those based in North America will be specifically tailored to the requirements of those living in the region. Please visit BAFTA Connect North America for a full list of benefits.

Can I see a full calendar of events in advance?

We work with the industry’s best practitioners who won’t always know their availability months in advance. We will endeavour to give Connect members as much notice as possible when programming any events. Upon selection you will have access to a members’ newsletter outlining upcoming opportunities.

Who will deliver the events?

BAFTA works with a range of contributors to deliver the year-round learning activity including BAFTA winners, nominees, training providers and wider industry professionals across film, games and television. BAFTA’s Learning, Inclusion and Talent team are responsible for programming and delivering all strands and initiatives.

Will BAFTA cover my travel to and from events?

In the UK we have a number of travel bursaries available for each event to supplement travel costs for those travelling more than 60 miles from their home address. Further details will be available upon selection and before you pay your membership fee.