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BAFTA Connect Membership

BAFTA Connect is a new UK-wide and North America tier of membership forming part of BAFTA’s ongoing mission to strengthen support for future creative leaders in the film, games and television industries.

Open to individuals actively building their careers and networks in the film, games and television industries in the UK and/or North America. Aimed at creatives and professionals at emerging and mid-level stages of their careers, Connect will provide a wide range of support and development opportunities, alongside many of the benefits available to BAFTA members. This includes access to a tailored programme of learning and career development activity, and access to the spectacularly restored BAFTA 195 Piccadilly in London as a meeting and social space.

Connect members will join BAFTA’s unique community of members who support our mission to champion creativity and share our vision for a more inclusive, sustainable industry.

We particularly welcome applications from people from those who are working in games; in groups or communities currently underrepresented in the film, games and television industries; and those living and working outside of London, particularly if you are based in the North West of England, Wales, Scotland or North America. Please note that a very limited number of places are available for applicants based in the London area. 

We're not currently accepting BAFTA Connect membership applications.