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BAFTA Bridge

BAFTA BRIDGE spans the gulf between Los Angeles communities and the industry in Los Angeles by providing tailored insight, opportunities, advice, and guidance to talented students and career starters. 

For over 20 years, BAFTA Los Angeles has been working in the High Schools, Parks and Community Centers of South Los Angeles, bringing opportunities to residents of some of the most underserved areas of our city. 

Our outreach work including social mobility and education programs, has been commended by the City of Los Angeles and the Department of Recreation and Parks.

Our support is tailored directly to the needs of the individaul participants, and includes curated support such as Set Visits, Career Guidance, Lectures & Q&As, access educational events, and equipment and transport burseries. 

Some examples include:


Hundreds of our members and guests have brought their expertise and guidance to high school students and afterschool film classes. These have included a makeup masterclass series by BAFTA-nominated Makeup artist Donald Mowat (Nocturnal Animals, Blade Runner 2049), an acting and improv class led by actor Paul Blackthorne (Arrow, 24) and a writers workshop led by TV Showrunner Bob Daily (Frasier, Desperate Housewives). 

We have developed a unique and enduring relationship with local schools including George Washington Preparatory High School in the Westmont neighborhood of South Los Angeles, and its film teacher Darryl McCane.

"BAFTA's presence in my classroom has changed and saved lives".
Darryl McCane, Film Teacher, Washington Preparatory High School.

We have developed similar relationships with teachers at Valley Oaks Center for Enriched Studies in Sun Valley, and John F. Kennedy High School in Granada Hills. Using our partners in the industry, we have created field trips to the LAIKA Experience at Universal Studios and Nickelodeon for educational tours of their facilities. In partnership with the New York Film Academy, we have brought 30 students to their studios in Burbank for a nine-week introduction to filmmaking. 


We grant scholarships and financial aid available to our most outstanding High Flyers. Whether they pursue film or not at higher education, the goal is to encourage the students on our program to continue their education beyond high school.

We operate a community hardship fund, enabling BAFTA to address the immediate and individual needs of students identified through our community programs. Through this fund we have provided transportation, computers, internet services and more, particularly to enable access to  learning and education programs.

For example, Rosalinda Larios (pictured) was given a $4,000 scholarship to contribute to her education at the University of Southern California.

"I learned how to collaborate with other people, how to hear out their opinions, and how to fix myself"
Rosalinda Larios

Helen Keller Park Kids at Disney ScreeningINNER CITY CINEMA

To be inspired to pursue career opportunities in our industries, we first must be inspired by the magic of the art form. 

We bring the joy of cinema to the city’s most underserved areas of the LA community, with screenings and events that bring the lights of Hollywood to those who too often fall in its shadow. With industry partners like LAIKA and Warner Bros, and community partners like the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation and the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, we have brought special events to communities that demonstrate the wealth of exciting careers and opportunities provided by the entertainment industry and we invite community groups from South Los Angeles to attend many of our membership family screenings, to share in the joy of cinema with our members and their families. 

"My heart is just full right now because I know what BAFTA has done for this community. They have taken the arts, and made them believe in themselves." Sgt. Curtis Woodle. Los Angeles Police Department