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Rules for Non-Commercial Use of the BAFTA Brand


Founded in 1947, BAFTA is a global arts charity whose mission is to champion creatives and practitioners in film, games and TV, regardless of their background or life experience, to provide a community for its members, and to strive for progressive industry and cultural practices. It is also a prestigious academy that recognises exceptional storytelling through its awards. 

An association with BAFTA signifies prestige and recognition both inside and outside the film, games and TV industries. Therefore BAFTA must protect its world-renowned brand, which includes the distinctive BAFTA statue, BAFTA mask and all associated branding (including BAFTA’s registered trade marks) (together the “BAFTA Brand”), in order to protect the reputation and success of BAFTA Nominees and Winners, to ensure that the public and members of the film, games and TV industries are not misled and to sustain BAFTA’s ongoing charitable mission.  

BAFTA’s distinctive Masterbrand (see our Brand Guidelines for more details) includes the “BAFTA” letters and the BAFTA mask. Our other brand assets contain words, names, symbols, logos and devices, and combinations of these, which are used to designate BAFTA’s awards and work. This portfolio of brand designations includes, but is not limited to, those shown in the BAFTA Brand Guidelines.  

You can only use, apply or reference the BAFTA Brand in accordance with these Rules or with BAFTA’s express written permission.  

If you would like to use the BAFTA Brand for any use not covered by these Rules, for activities which are covered in the Non-Permitted Uses section of these Rules, or for uses where these Rules specify you must obtain BAFTA’s express permission, you must apply to BAFTA for permission for such use here. BAFTA may grant (or refuse) permission for the use (and the terms of such use) of the BAFTA Brand in its sole discretion.  

Complying with these Rules 

To ensure that BAFTA is able to maintain the distinctiveness and reputation of its brand you must comply with these Rules and the BAFTA Brand Guidelines when you use the BAFTA Brand. 

When you read and observe these Rules, please comply with the spirit of these Rules, as well as their letter.  

Permitted Uses  

BAFTA Brand Assets  

You may only use the BAFTA Brand for the following purposes, provided you do so in accordance with these Rules and the BAFTA Brand Guidelines:  

  1. to report current events (provided you are a reputable news agency and that you comply with the section below on using moving picture clips and audio excerpts from BAFTA ceremonies if you are a broadcasting news outlet, regardless of whether you are a streamer, traditional broadcaster or online agency); 
  2. for purely information and factual purposes, but only where there is no advertisement or endorsement of any third party also contained in any written text, picture or moving picture; 
  3. to review BAFTA ceremonies; or 
  4. if they appear incidentally in your media.  

Use of clips and/or audio from BAFTA Awards ceremonies (and associated events) 

Broadcasts of the BAFTA Awards ceremonies and other BAFTA events are owned by BAFTA and are broadcast around the world live via our international network of broadcasters. During the live broadcast, only our licensed broadcasters (domestic and international) may broadcast our ceremonies.  

After the BAFTA ceremony, if you wish to rebroadcast clips (whether motion picture and/or audio) from the BAFTA ceremonies you may do so in accordance with these Rules (see Permitted Uses section above), provided that you: 

  1. only use clips approved by BAFTA; 
  2. acknowledge BAFTA by applying the following to the footage in a font and place that can be read by the audience: “Courtesy of BAFTA”; 
  3. apply and include any associated branding in line with BAFTA’s Brand Guidelines;  
  4. do not show any clip for more than 2 minutes;  
  5. rebroadcast within 1 week of the original broadcast of the BAFTA ceremony (or other event); and 
  6. obtain all consents, permissions and clearances for all persons appearing in the clips you use (including any Guild consents or permissions).  

If you decide to use moving image and/or audio clips from our ceremonies, you agree to indemnify BAFTA, and all its representatives, officers, directors, trustees, members and employees against any liability or expense arising out of any third party claim that BAFTA receives resulting from, relating to, or in connection with, your use of any BAFTA ceremony (or other BAFTA event) excerpts (including motion picture and audio clips).  

Non-Permitted Uses  

Only BAFTA and its authorised licensees and official partners may use the BAFTA Brand in advertising, promotional and all other associated materials and types of commercial use, the terms of which BAFTA will agree separately with each licensee and partner. 

The BAFTA Brand must not be used in any of the following ways, without express written permission from BAFTA: 

  1. for any type of commercial use;  
  2. in any advertising, marketing or promotional material (whether print media, digital media or motion picture and whether alongside or in conjunction with a BAFTA Winner or on its own);  
  3. in any image, painting or photograph (whether with or without a BAFTA Winner, unless permitted by these Rules);  
  4. to replicate or reproduce the BAFTA statue (or any other version of the statue including other colours or sizes, whether 2D or 3D), including (without limitation) for use as a stage, studio prop or set dressing of any kind; 
  5. to designate any affiliation with BAFTA, including by applying a confusingly similar logo, theme or style;  
  6. applied to any merchandise (including physical and digital products) or in any manufacturing, distribution, recreation, reproduction, sale or other method of creation, development or exploitation of any product; and 
  7. in the title or content of any written publication, motion picture (whether TV or film, a one off feature or series, regardless of its method of broadcast), stage production, or any other form of creative work.  

Use of BAFTA designations by Nominees or Winners and those who use their success in promotional materials for productions 

Nominees and Winners (and third parties working on, and for, productions in which Nominees and Winners appear) must also comply with these Rules and complete a permission request form at You must not use any of the BAFTA Brand assets unless BAFTA has approved such use following your request and you must also comply with any terms that BAFTA attaches to such approval.  

Nominees and Winners do not have any rights or goodwill in, or to, the BAFTA Brand. Winners must not sell or dispose of their BAFTA Award to any third party (except where the award is passed on to a Winner’s heirs and beneficiaries as part of the Winner’s estate). If a BAFTA Winner (or its estate) wishes to dispose of their BAFTA Award, they shall return the award to BAFTA and receive a sum of £1 in return. Winners shall not, nor shall they permit any third party to, replicate the BAFTA Award or undertake any scans or examinations that could enable the physical or digital replication of the BAFTA Award.  

If there is a BAFTA Nominee or Winner in your production and you wish to use this designation in promotional material following the relevant BAFTA ceremony you must make it clear who was nominated for, or awarded, the BAFTA and what it was for (i.e. identify the specific name of the Award) and when (i.e. the year the nomination or award was received) in accordance with this section.  

Special Awards, Fellowships or other honorary award designations must specifically refer to that award when they are used to designate success. For example, do not generically refer to BAFTA success if the Nominee or Winner is the recipient of a Special Award.  

To refer to Nominees 

Provided you comply with these Rules and have completed the permission request form here, BAFTA Nominees (and appropriate third parties) may refer to the fact they are a BAFTA Nominee in print advertisements (including billboards), motion picture trailers and in digital media, provided that: 

  1. in the lead up to the relevant BAFTA ceremony it is clear in any materials (whether physical or digital and whether they relate to the production for which the Nominee attracted their nomination or otherwise) that the Nominee is, at that stage, a BAFTA Nominee; 
  2. after the relevant BAFTA ceremony, you may continue to use the BAFTA designation in accordance with this section (or the rest of this section if the Nominee becomes a Winner); 
  3. the BAFTA statue is not used; and 
  4. the general public are not misled in any way by the use of the BAFTA designation. 

To refer to Winners 

Provided you comply with these Rules and have completed the permission request form here, BAFTA Winners (and appropriate third parties) may refer to the fact they are a BAFTA Winner, provided that: 

  1. in promotional material (including all physical and digital media) for the production in which the performance, work or Award Winner appeared which led to their nomination, it is clear who received the BAFTA, and what the award was for;  
  2. in promotional material (including all physical and digital media) for other productions, it is clear who received the BAFTA, what the award was for and the year they won it, the production for which it was received and that the designation appears only once in such promotional material; and 
  3. the general public are not misled in any way by the use of the BAFTA designation. 

Keep Records of your non-commercial use of the BAFTA Brand  

You must keep a record of how and where you use the BAFTA Brand to document your compliance with these Rules and the BAFTA Brand Guidelines, and to prove you have complied with any conditions of BAFTA’s granted permission for your use of the BAFTA Brand (or part of it). Keeping this record plays an important role in BAFTA’s ability to enforce and maintain its branding and we may ask you to let us review these records in certain circumstances to help us protect the reputation of the BAFTA Brand. 

Breach of these Rules  

If we become aware of a breach of these Rules, we will let you know and you must rectify such breach within 5 consecutive days of such notification. If you fail to rectify the breach within that period, BAFTA reserves the right to pursue all rights and remedies available to it. It may even have serious consequences for your future involvement and association with BAFTA.    

If you suspect or become aware of infringement of any of our trade marks (or any other intellectual property rights) by any third party (including any breach of these Rules or our Brand Guidelines), you should immediately notify BAFTA, giving full details of the infringement.  

Amending these Rules 

These Rules may be amended at any time by BAFTA, so please check these Rules before you use any BAFTA designations for non-commercial use.