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Will Sharpe for Giri/Haji - Winner’s Acceptance Speech, Supporting Actor, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2020

31 July 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Will Sharpe for Giri/Haji in the Supporting Actor category

WILL SHARPE: Hello, good evening from the recent past.  Just filmed a version of this in slow-motion by mistake.  So, I’m hoping that this works. 

Sorry not to be there with you live but I’d just like to say thank you to BAFTA, thank you to Jane Featherstone, Chris Fry, Susie Liggat, everyone at Sister Pictures.

Thank you to Tak, Kelly, Yōsuke, Aoi, all my fellow cast members.

Thank you also to Julian Farino and also Ben Chessell. both incredibly brilliant, generous, kind directors from whom I learnt an awful lot.

Thank you, Joe Barton, for writing such beautifully funny and complex characters and, in this case, a half-Japanese one. 

Just to say that it was enough for me to have had the opportunity to play the role and so, whether this clip sees the light of day or not, I have been and will remain incredibly grateful for all of it. 

So, thank you very much.