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Tom Holland - Winners' acceptance speech, EE Rising Star, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2017

12 February 2017

Winners' acceptance speech by Tom Holland for EE Rising Star Award

TOM HOLLAND:  Wow, wow. It's amazing to be up here. Two thank yous right off the bat.  BAFTA, thank you for nominating me, and obviously thank you to the British public for voting and showing your support. It's tough voting online. Believe me, I know! I obviously have a large list of people I need to thank, but don't worry, I won't do that here on your time.  Please just give me a moment to thank two people.

Sorry, mum and dad, it's not you. It's not an actor, a director, a producer or an agent, because, you know, we guys, we get thanked all the time. We get paid pretty well too. But I want to thank two acting coaches, because I think this is a profession that is not praised enough because we actors don't like to admit that we need help sometimes.

So to Nick Evans and to Ben Perkins. Nick, you helped me become the best Billy Elliott I could be.  Ben, you coached me to be Lucas in The Impossible. Without these two roles, I wouldn't be standing here holding this. So, Ben and Nick, thank you so much. And everyone else, check your phones, I will shoot you a text.