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The Shape of Water, Winners' Acceptance Speech, Production Design, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2018

18 February 2018

Winners' acceptance speech by Paul Austerberry, Jeff Melvin and Shane Vieau for The Shape of Water in the Production Design category.

PAUL AUSTERBERRY: The little movie that could. Thank you, BAFTA. Thank you, Guillermo, for your passion, your originality, your creativity to dream up this world that we all helped shape.

Thank you to Miles Dale, and David Greenbaum, and everyone at Sony - I mean, Fox Searchlight. A little bit of nervousness here!

Thank you to my art director, Nigel Churcher, and the great art department and construction team we had in Toronto.

Thank you to Dan Laustsen, for lensing it so beautifully. We wouldn't be here if it didn't look so nice.

And thank you to my collaborators: Shane, Jeff, who helped decorate.

JEFF MELVIN: Thank you, Sheila, Alex, Sarah. Thank you, BAFTA. Thank you Miles Dale. Thank you Guillermo, for being a genius. Thank you, Paul. Thank you, Shane.

SHANE VIEAU: Guillermo, you are the benchmark that all us creatives strive to be. Thank you so much for letting us be part of this film. Thank you.

PAUL AUSTERBERRY: Thank you to my parents.