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Succession - Winner's Acceptance Speech, International, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2019

12 May 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Jesse Armstrong for Succession in the International category

JESSE ARMSTRONG:  Thank you very much indeed.  International BAFTA.  That's incredibly exciting.  

We in the writers' room -- I'm Jesse Armstrong, show runner on the show, and these are English writers.  We used to watch Handmaid's Tale and feel intimidated, and the other nominees are also great pieces of work, so this is fantastic.

Oh, I didn't see you arrive ... 

So, it's boring, but we're just going to do a few thanks.  I guess all TV is collaborative, but this is a very team-orientated show.  It's team written.  The British writers are here.  There's also American writers who we should say hello to.  We've got a tremendously supportive group of executive producers.  The cast is a delight to write for every time and it's wonderful that Matthew is here to represent them.  And thank you to HBO and our British broadcaster, Sky.  

So, thank you.