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Stath Lets Flats - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Scripted Comedy, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2020

31 July 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Tom Kingsley, Seb Barwell, Ash Atalla for Stath Lets Flats team for the Scripted Comedy category

ASH ATALLA:  I want to say a huge thanks to our friends at Channel 4.  Jon Petrie, Fiona McDermott, Jack Bales and Ian Katz.  And I want to send a big kiss to my beautiful daughter Coco.

COCO: Well done daddy

TOM KINGSLEY: Thank you to our brilliant crew, especially Will Hanke, Hannah Purdy and Ash White, and to Jamie and Seb, writer and producer extraordinaire, I salute you.

SEB BARWELL: I’d like to thank the amazing Tom Kingsley who makes stuff like this, Ash Atalia, who kept the dream alive, Robert Popper, and the man who puts comedy and warmth and goodness into every corner of the show and his life, Jamie Demetriou.

JAMIE DEMETRIOU: Thank you for everything, Tom, Ash and Seb, you look so nice.  We are lucky to have a surreally good cast on this show.  I want to do an enormous thank you to my amazing sister, Natasia, Al, Kiell, Katy, Christos, Dustin, Ellie, Kayode, Nick and David.  I also want to thank my amazing parents for their love and specificity.  Thank you.