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The Rohingya Crisis (Sky News) - Winners' Acceptance Speech, News Coverage, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

13 May 2018

Winners' acceptance speech on behalf of the production team for The Rohingya Crisis (Sky News) in the News Coverage category

SPEAKER: Hi, good evening, everybody.  We're delighted to win this award.  It's a fantastic tribute to the journalism done at Sky News day in, day out.  It's particularly testimony to the need, the importance and the impact that independent, entrepreneurial, intrepid eye-witness reporting of the horrors that are going on across the world, reporting like we did in Myanmar from those beaches needs to happen so the world can see what's happening.

It's also down to the courage of many of the men and women behind me, and in particular Alex Crawford.

ALEX CRAWFORD: Thank you very much.  Honestly, I did not expect this.  I have been saying all day it's going to go to Channel 4.

First of all, I want to say a shout out to part of my family who are here, Richard and my beautiful daughters, Maddie and Flaux.  Glad you're sharing this with me.

Also, this could not have happened without two very special people.  My brilliant producer, Neville Lazarus, who basically found the boat, got the boat and sailed the boat there and back virtually to make sure it happened, and the extraordinary, talented Martin Smith, who hates boats, cannot stand water, has an unhealthy fear of drowning.

The pictures weren't the only thing that were green that night, I can tell you. 

Thank you, Martin.

But really this is - thank you, BAFTA, for recognising the importance of Rohingya.  Everyone tells me that British people don't care about what's happening abroad.  Well, they do, and this shows it. Thank you.  We wanted to make a difference, and this helps towards it, towards raising the profile of what happened in Rohingya, because so many people were committed in our newsroom to raising what we felt was a massive injustice, with Ashish and Pete Milnes, cameraman, who can't be here, who started right from the beginning, showing the desperate conditions of those refugees.  But also, it is still going on now, tonight. So I hope this raises their profile.

Thank you also for showing that brave, honest, impartial, independent journalism - did I mention independent journalism - can actually hopefully make a difference because everyone in that newsroom was committed to it.

Thank you so much.  Thank you.