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Naomi Ackie for The End of the F***ing World - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Best Supporting Actress, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2020

31 July 2020

Winner's acceptance speech by Naomi Ackie for The End of the F---ng World in the Supporting Actress category

NAOMI ACKIE: Oh my! Oh man! Are you serious?  No wait, I’ve got to get my grown-up to…

Richard Ayoade:  This is not the time to text.

NA: I’m sorry.  I’d like to thank Charlie Cobbold, Daphne Carragher, Dominic Buchanan, Carmel Cochrane, Lucy Forbes, Jess Bardon, Alex Lawther and the whole of Clerkenwell Films. And My dad, I love my Dad and he has been so supportive.  And my mum, up in the clouds, would be so proud; and my sister.  Oh man! I am really happy.  This makes lockdown so much better.  Thank you so much!