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Myanmar's Killing Fields (Dispatches) - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Current Affairs, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2019

12 May 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Evan Williams for Myanmar's Killing Fields (Dispatches) in the Current Affairs category


EVAN WILLIAMS:  We really didn't expect this.  Such a great field of contestants in this as well, finalists.

A few thanks.  Siobhan Sinnerton and Dorothy Byrne at Channel 4.  Raney Aaronson at PBS FRONTLINE.  Without them, this wouldn't have been made.  They got behind us right from the beginning.  

Fantastic team here.  Dan Edgerton in particular made it actually make sense after Paddy and I had been in the field.  Eve and Gary -- the whole team there behind us.  

But really, I think this is a great tribute to the Rohingya people who risked their lives to get the original film footage of the destruction of their community, and it was upon that that this documentary was really based.  It is a fantastic tribute to them, many of whom remain in the camps in Bangladesh with up to 1 million other Rohingyas still today, who still can't go home.

So this is a tribute and recognition, and I hope a recognition for them so that there will be more pressure for some sort of change.

Thank you so much, BAFTA, and all the judges.