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Kate Winslet - Winner acceptance speech, Supporting Actress, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2016

14 February 2016

Winners Acceptance Speech by Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs) for Supporting Actress

KATE WINSLET:  Oh my gosh.  Okay.  What an incredible year to be nominated.  What an incredible year to be in this room.  Thank you BAFTAs so much for voting for me, for nominating me.
It has been an extraordinary year for women and I feel so proud to stand alongside you, Jennifer, Julie, Rooney and Alicia.  Your performances are all so extraordinary.
Okay.  I really am quite overwhelmed.  I must thank Donna Langley and your team at Universal for supporting Danny Boyle and his unconventional shooting and rehearsal structure, which was so precious to all of to have.  
And Danny Boyle, you were amazing to work with.  Thank you for casting me when you really didn't have to.  This film was really so much about the words the actors were saying. Aaron Sorkin.  I don't know how you do it.  You were out of your mind.  Thank you very much.
Michael Fassbender, you led us through this.  I don't know how you did it.  I would watch you every day and be completely blown away.  You are an extraordinary actor.  Thank you for everything you gave to this film.
Our brilliant, brilliant cast.  Geoff Daniels, Seth Rogen, Catherine Waterston, the list goes on.
I want to just mention, if I may, a woman who would prefer to remain completely anonymous and that's the real Joanna Hoffmann who was a loyal and devoted friend to Steve Jobs and so was so wonderful in sharing her stories with me.  
Dallas Smith and Hilda Crooley, thank you for making sure I always have a job.  My wonderful husband, Ned, who gave his seat to my mum so she could sit next to me.  Neddy, you're in this room, I know you are.  Hi babe.  Happy Valentine's Day.  And my children who are probably more excited about this moment than I am, and my wonderful parents.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you everybody.