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Julianne Moore - Winner acceptance speech, Leading Actress, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Julianne Moore for Leading Actress

Winner acceptance speech by Julianne Moore for Still Alice in the Leading Actress category
JULIANNE MOORE:  Thank you so much for this.  Thank you for including me among these beautiful performances, both British, Felicity, and Rosamund, and American. I am honoured to be honoured with you tonight. 
Film is a collaborative medium.  There is no way to give a performance by yourself and the thing that I value most about my job is my creative partnership with others.  So I want to thank our beautiful cast, Hunter Parrish and Kate Bosworth, my friend Alec Baldwin and the adorable Kristen Stewart, our wonderful cinematographer, Denis Lenoir; James Brown, Lex Lutzus, Sony Classics, Killer Films, Lionsgate for giving me the month off.  Everybody in the Alzheimer's community who was so incredibly generous with their time and their information and experience.  Particularly Gillian, Wendy and Christopher who spoke to me so eloquently about their experience at the Curzon just the other night, and mostly our film makers, Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glatzer who made such a beautiful movie about our essential self, and Wash, I know that Leeds is very proud of you. 
Finally, to the five Scottish women who poured love into me, my great aunts May, Mary and Cissy, my grandmother Flora and my mother, Anne, this is for you.