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Jack O'Connell - Winner acceptance speech, EE Rising Star, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Jack O'Connell for EE Rising Star Award

Winner acceptance speech by Jack O'Connell in the EE Rising Star Award category

Jack O'Connell:  Thank you, very much.  Public vote, so I guess the people have spoken, in that sense. Now it is my turn.  Good luck.

Listen, I remember I was part of a TV workshop in Nottingham, that is where I cut my teeth, as it were, taught by a wonderful man, a very committed man, Ian Smith.  And we won a BAFTA at some stage, I am not sure what the category was but we had our own BAFTA. The one we had there was a bit heavier but that is all right. I remember being that age looking at this thing feeling very inspired by it and now all of a sudden I find myself with me very own version.  Speaking of which, are all these spare BAFTAs tonight? Has anybody claimed them? I should have brought a bag, Mickey. Anyway, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen, have a pleasant evening and see you again.