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Winner's acceptance speech by Raoul Peck for I Am Not Your Negro in the Documentary category

18 February 2018

RAOUL PECK: Thank you very much. I want to thank the British Academy for this award. I'm very honoured and humble. 

I had a great team who followed me for ten whole years to make this film happen. And I want to thank my editors, Alexandra Strauss, Rémi Grellety, who has produced the film with me. Alexei Aigui, who did wonderful music, and Sam Jackson, of course, who did this wonderful voice for the film. 

I want to thank my partners in the US, in France, in Switzerland, and in Belgium. Of course, Altitude Film Distribution, who did a tremendous job here in the UK. 

And, of course, I need to thank the great James Baldwin. James Baldwin, who is the perfect image of a great humanist, and he left us with words that are today urgently necessary in a world of unapologetic ignorance. Thank you very much to all.