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Gary Oldman - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Leading Actor, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2018

18 February 2018

Winner's acceptance speech by Gary Oldman for Darkest Hour in the Leading Actor category.

GARY OLDMAN: Thank you, BAFTA, for this tremendous honour. I salute my fellow nominees for your beautiful work. And Leslie too.

This is made all the more special because I can share it with my family tonight, who are here: my three sons, Alfie and Gulliver, Charlie, my beautiful wife Gisele, and my extended family, Jim Osborne, Douglas Urbanski, without your help, without your support, without your faith in me, I would not be standing here.

Joe Wright, you led the charge with such integrity and energy and passion. You handpicked an armada of talent. I love you, Kristin. I love you, Lily. You have a singular vision and a huge heart and they were never more on display than in this beautiful film.

I would like to thank Eric Fellner, Tim Bevan, Lisa Bruce, Anthony McCarten, Douglas Urbanski, and Peter Kujawski, Donna Langley, and my wonderful make-up team, Kazuhiro, Dave, Lucy, Ivana, and last but not least, Winston Churchill, the man himself. In those dark uncertain days in 1940 he held the line for honour, for integrity and freedom, for his nation and the world. 

So I thank you, Sir Winston. I thank you, the Churchill family, and of course, once again, BAFTA.

I am so grateful for this incredible honour. Thank you.