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Britain's Got Talent - Winners' Acceptance Speech, Entertainment Programme, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

13 May 2018

Winners' acceptance speech on behalf of the production team for Britain's Got Talent in the Entertainment Programme category

AMELIA BROWN: Wow.  Thank you very much, BAFTA.  Thank you very much to ITV, especially the phenomenal Shu Greene and Lou Major.

Thank you to all our production team, to all the crew, who are amazing.  We are really lucky to make this show.  We love making this show. 

Thank you to everyone at Thames, especially the lovely Charlie Irwin, and Dawn Gray, who never gets a reference.  She's amazing.  And also thank you to everyone at Syco, Lee McNicholas, Nigel Hall and the wonderful Richard Holloway. 

And obviously to all our talent.  We have the best panel and the best hosts, and it's wonderful to make this show.  So thank you very, very much. 

Also, thank you to our contestants.  They make this show what it is.  They are brilliant, and we can't do it without them.

RICHARD HOLLOWAY: How amazing and how poignant.  I have been responsible for these shows for many years and been so proud of them.

I would just like to mention one thing about the show, because the show is amazing and all these guys are amazing that have done the show.  It's the most fantastic judging panel of all of these shows. 

But there's some unsung heroes that should be thanked and I don't know if they are here now.  But the people who make this show, apart from the judges and apart from Ant & Dec and apart from the judging panel, but the casting guys are amazing, and they're headed up by a guy called Barney Addison, and he and his team should be congratulated because they're amazing. 

Thank you.