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Cambridge Analytica Uncovered - Winner's Acceptance Speech, News Coverage, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2019

12 May 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Ben De Pear for Cambridge Analytica Uncovered in the News Coverage category 

BEN DE PEAR:  It's a great honour to win a BAFTA, especially for this story that took a monumental amount of effort.

Thanks to Channel 4 for backing us, to ITN for helping us do what we do, to Job and Guy who lead our investigations team, and to the reporter, who remains unnamed, who went undercover to expose what Cambridge Analytica were up to, I would like to say thank you and well done and we couldn't have done it without him.  Or her.  Or they.  Or they.

Lastly, I know that Facebook say that they are doing whatever they can to protect people's data so it can't be manipulated by bad actors, bad countries, by companies like Cambridge Analytica.  We still await to see if that's the case.

But well done to everyone at Channel 4 News and thank you very much, BAFTA.