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BBC Films - Winner acceptance speech, Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2015

8 February 2015

Winner acceptance speech by Christine Langan (BBC Films) for Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema

Winner acceptance speech by Christine Langan (BBC Films) in the Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema category


CHRISTINE LANGAN:  Wow, thank you so much.  Thank you, BAFTA.  I am so incredibly thrilled to accept this prestigious Michael Balcon award on behalf of the BBC Films' team, past and present.  It is a great honour for us to join the illustrious recipients such as Peter Greenaway, Tessa Ross, Working Title and the Harry Potter team.  I know I speak for everyone in my department and those who have gone before when I say it has been a huge privilege for the BBC to have been involved in all these amazing films you have just witnessed and many more besides.  BBC Films was established to discover and support the wonderful stories and incredible talent of British filmmakers and to help them reach the global audience they richly deserve.  British talent is simply the business. We are so proud to have promoted and nurtured it for the last 25 years.  This award is an amazing birthday present for BBC Films and a fantastic inspiration for films to come.  Much gratitude is owed to the late, great Mark Shivas who did so much to establish BBC Films.  To David Thompson who has defined it for so many years.  Alan Yentob, who has been a constant support, and Jane Wright, Isabelle Begg and Tracy Schofield who all played a vital role.  I especially want to thank Joe Oppenheimer, and Zoe Brown and Michael Wood who are at the heart of a fantastic team today and thanks to Danny Cohen and Tony Hall for their wise leadership.  But the most important thank you of all goes to every one of the writers, directors and producers that we have worked with.  Your passions and your ideas are the very origin of everything we do.  We love bringing your babies to the screen so long may it last.  Thank you very much indeed BAFTA.