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Baby Driver - Winners' acceptance Speech, Editing, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2018

18 February 2018

Winner's acceptance speech, Paul Machliss and Jonathan Amos for Baby Driver in the Editing category.

PAUL MACHLISS: Thank you to BAFTA, of course. 

You know, I think you're very lucky as an editor if you get the opportunity to work with someone of the calibre of Edgar Wright, because his innovative approach to filmmaking doesn't just push the medium forward, but challenges you and pushes you creatively to actually do your job in ways that you probably never initially considered. And his vision as an original filmmaker is one that I think we are both incredibly proud to be a part of. 

I think we would also like to thank our much-more-than producer, Nira Park, for incredible work bringing this film to life. Leo, Laura, James, Rachel, Ritchie, everyone at Big Talk. I suppose if that's the closest thing we have to being a family, a working family, that's definitely it. 

Eric Fellner at Working Title who gave us tremendous support. Our editorial team in Atlanta, Madeleine and Jenny, and in London, Jerry, James, and Jessica, probably the finest editorial team that I think we've ever worked with. Miranda Richardson, our post supervisor for dotting the Ts and crossing the Is, literally in that order.

People at Sony and MRC for supporting us and pushing it through. Our agents, Sylvia and Alice at UA. 

On a personal note, I want to thank my wonderful Rose, who was there for me the whole time when I really wasn't there for her, and I want to finally say that the work - for me, it's the doing of it - is its own reward. So for something like this, it just makes it extra special. So thank you very much indeed.