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A League of Their Own - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Comedy Entertainment Programme, Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards in 2019

12 May 2019

Winner's acceptance speech by Murray Boland for A League of Their Own in the Comedy Entertainment Programme category

MURRAY BOLAND:  This is completely shocking.  We were really surprised to be nominated for this, so amazed that we won.

I want to say thank you to Jamie, James, Fred, Romesh; they are completely lovely to work with.  It's a joy every time we gather every year to make this show there.  They're completely as much fun to work with as they are on screen.

Thank you to Sky, who have been amazing collaborators to us for 13, nearly 14 series now.  

Thank you to Barbara, Sarah, Zai, Phil Edgar-Jones, Claire Fone, they're just lovely.

I would chiefly like to say well done, though, to first of all David Taylor, who is a kind of tortured genius who steered this show for about 13 series.  He's turned arsing about into an art form, and we owe him a huge amount, certainly for getting this.  

But the people I'm really proud of is two boys who I think I would like to say started out making the tea on the show on our first series.  This was their first year being in charge of it, and they have immediately won us a BAFTA.  So we're really grateful.  Thank you to Jack Shillaker, Ish and Bill Righton.

Thank you very much.