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Logos & branding

Logos are provided for use by media outlets covering our activity, and for BAFTA nominees and winners publicising their success.

Each and every instance of logo use must receive permission from BAFTA; this will be assessed based on the information you provide below.

Please familiarise yourself with our brand guidelines and the logos available before requesting permission.

> Download BAFTA's brand guidelines

Important notes from the Guidelines:

  1. The Logo cannot be cropped or altered in any way;
  2. An exclusion zone (half the height of the BAFTA ‘mask’ all the way around the Logo) must be observed;
  3. Example(s) artwork featuring the Logo must be supplied for final approval and permission by BAFTA.

Logo & Permission request form

Request a logo via the form below:

Files must be less than 6 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf avi mov mp3 wav rar sit zip.