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Stephen Greif

26 August 1944 to 23 December 2022

A British actor, who will be particularly remembered as Harry Fenning in Citizen Smith (1977-1979) and Travis in Blake’s 7 (1978). Stephen Greif also appeared in a wide gamut of shows over a career spanning seven decades, including episodes of The Persuaders! (1971), Dixon of Dock Green (1973-1976), Treasure Island (1977), Minder (1982), Tales of the Unexpected (1983), Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (1986), Birds of a Feather (1990), The House of Eliott (1992-1994), Silent Witness (2012) and The Crown (2020). He also leant his voice to such well-regarded games as Medieval I and II (2002, 2006), The Witcher (2007), Fable II (2008), Xenoblade Chronicles (2010), GreedFall (2019), It Takes Two (2021) and Total War: Warhammer III (2022).

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