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Paul O'Grady

Broadcaster, Comedian, Actor
14 June 1955 to 28 March 2023

A British entertainer, television presenter, producer and occasional actor, who initially came to prominence as drag queen Lily Savage. Born and honed on the London gay club scene, Paul O’Grady’s alter ego was soon making regular appearances on British television, including hosting quiz show Blankety Blank (1997-2002) and comedy show Lily Live! (2000-2001). He retired Savage in 2005, becoming a presenter in his own right as host of his chat show, The Paul O’Grady Show (2004-2015), for which he won a BAFTA in 2005. He was nominated once more in 2013, as one of the producers of Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs (2012-2021), one of the many other shows he also hosted, which included the Blind Date revival (2017-2019) and Paul O’Grady’s Saturday Night Line Up (2021). He was appointed MBE in 2008.

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