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Mick Csáky

Documentary filmmaker
31 August 1945 to 26 July 2023

A British filmmaker and producer, who predominantly specialised in documentaries, making more than 100 productions for film, television and DVD. After earning an MA in Film and Television from the Royal College of Art in 1971, Mick Csáky joined ITV as a researcher for Aquarius before leaving to become a freelance filmmaker. He set up his own production companies – Pictures That Move (1972-1981), Csáky Ltd (1983-1990) and Antelope Films (1988-2020) – and also served as Meridian’s head of arts (1992-2000). Notable credits as director and/or producer included Return to Hong Kong (1975), How Does It Feel? (1976), Africa (1984), for which he was Emmy nominated, Oil (1986), Killing the Dragon (1988), The Midas Touch (1990), The Cuban Missile Crisis: Eyeball to Eyeball (1992), Hiroshima: The Decision to Drop the Bomb, Placido Domingo: A Musical Life (both 1995) and Mozart in Turkey (2000).

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