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Manny Coto

Writer, Director, Producer
10 June 1961 to 9 July 2023

A Cuban-born writer-producer-director, who worked on some of the US’ most popular television series after emigrating to the US as a child. Manny Coto was part of the production team that won a Primetime Emmy for 24 (2006-2010) in 2006, and was nominated again for Dexter (2010-2013), executive producing and writing for both. His other writing credits included episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1988), Tales from the Crypt (1991), The Outer Limits (1995), Strange World (1999-2000) and American Horror Story (2018-2022). He created the shows Odyssey 5 (2002-2003), 24: Legacy (2016-2017) and Next (2020) and was showrunner of Star Trek: Enterprise (2003-2005). He also directed several feature films, including Playroom (1990), Cover-Up (1991), Dr. Giggles (1992) and Star Kid (1997).

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