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Iain Johnstone

Filmmaker, Critic
8 April 1943 to 4 May 2023

A British film critic, television producer and filmmaker, who became synonymous with producing documentaries and interviews with creative talent about filmmaking. Upon graduation form Bristol University, Iain Johnstone joined ITN, reading its late bulletins, before then moving into producing at the BBC in 1968. Notable series included Points of View (1968-1971), Ask Aspel (1970), The Frost Interview (1974), Robinson’s Travels (1979), Friday Night, Saturday Morning (1979-80) and Snowdon on Camera (1981), the latter earning him a BAFTA nomination. His love for movies saw him originate the BBC’s Film... programme in 1970, presenting it himself in 1972, as well as make many informative behind-the-scenes documentaries about the process, starting with The Jaws Report (1974). He also served as film critic for The Sunday Times for 12 years, from 1983, and wrote 12 books, both fiction and factual. With John Cleese, he co-wrote Fierce Creatures (1997).