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Hamish Mykura

Commissioner, Producer, Executive
28 March 1962 to 27 March 2023

A British television executive, who spent more than a decade producing and commissioning for National Geographic, Channel 4 and the BBC. Hamish Mykura started at the latter in 1989, working his way up to become producer and editor-of-the-day for Newsnight (1995-1997). After stints as a director at Mentorn Media and Blakeway Productions, he joined Channel 4 as commissioning editor for History in 2001, becoming head of special factual in 2004 and then head of the documentaries department and More4 in 2008. He was responsible for such series as 24 Hours in A&E, 9/11: The Falling Man, Cutting Edge, Fighting on the Frontline and First Cut. In 2012, he joined National Geographic as executive vice-president of programming and development, ensuring such series as Ultimate Airport Dubai (2013-2015), Air Crash Investigation Special Report (2018-2019) and Drain the Oceans (2018-2022), among many more single documentaries, were made.