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George Logan

Actor, Comedian
7 July 1944 to 21 May 2023

A British actor and comedian, who will be forever remembered as one half of musical-comedy double act Hinge and Bracket. Born in Scotland, George Logan moved to London in 1965 where he met his performing other half, Patrick Fyffe. The pair created and developed their drag alter-egos of Dr Evadne Hinge (Logan) and Dame Hilda Bracket (Fyffe) first on stage, before realising their mainstream potential on BBC radio and television. They appeared in three televised shows, At Home with Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket (1977), Hinge and Bracket (1978-1981) and three seasons of sitcom Dear Ladies (1983-1984). Classically trained in piano at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, Logan arranged the duo’s musical numbers.