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Gavin Millar

Director, Presenter, Critic
11 January 1938 to 20 April 2022

A British director, who started working for the BBC in 1963, mostly directing arts programming, while also appearing in front of camera as a presenter on film criticism programmes, including First Picture Show (1975-1976) and Arena (1976-1981). He started directing more fiction work from 1980, mostly in television but also in films, namely Dreamchild (1985), Danny, The Champion of the World (1989) and Complicity (2000). Millar’s television work netted him a BAFTA for Housewife, 49 (2006) and four other nominations, for Omnibus episode The Goldwyn Touch (1974); Cream in my Coffee (1980); Pat and Margaret, in the Screen One strand (1994); and The Crow Road (1996).

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