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Freddie Ross Hancock MBE

Publicist, Marketing Consultant
7 April 1930 to 27 November 2022

A British publicist and marketing consultant, who had an extensive career in film and television in both the UK and US. After a few years working in cruise ship PR, Hancock first became involved with the screen industries as assistant head of publicity for Universal Film Corporation (now Universal Pictures). In the early 1950s, she set up her own PR agency, representing, among others, a raft of popular British comedy talent, including Benny Hill, Bob Monkhouse, Terry Scott and, notably, Tony Hancock, who she went on to marry. After her husband’s death in 1968, she successfully relocated her business to the US, where she stayed for the rest of her life. Hancock was a leading light in helping BAFTA establish a base on the east coast of the US, and was part of the inaugural board of BAFTA New York (now part of BAFTA North America) when it was formally registered in 1995. She was appointed an MBE in 2002.

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