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Doreen Mantle

22 June 1926 to 9 August 2023

A South African-born British actress, who moved to the UK in the 1950s and worked mostly in theatre, winning an Olivier award in 1979 for her supporting role in Death of a Salesman at the National Theatre. While Doreen Mantle’s many screen credits date back to the mid-1960s, debuting in Emergency-Ward 10 (1964-1965) and including appearances in the likes of Play for the Day (1974-1979) and BBC2 Playhouse (1980-1981), she is best known for her recurring role in beloved British sitcom One Foot in the Grave (1990-2000) when she was in her 60s. Following this, she appeared in the likes of Doctors (2001-2019), Twenty Thousand Streets Under the Sky (2005), Jam & Jerusalem (2006-2008), Coronation Street (2010-2011), The Mimic (2013-2014) and Inspector Lewis (2015), among others.