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UK's Most Vibrant and Creative Games Playable at This Year's BAFTA Inside Games Arcade

5 March 2015

Find out more about the games that will be showcased at our Inside Games Arcade at EGX Rezzed 12-14 March

We're  proud to announce the games selected for exhibition at the BAFTA Inside Games Arcade. From hundreds of entries, our curation panel selected these games because they represent the vibrancy and creative energy of development in the UK today. All of them will be playable at EGX Rezzed – come and see this exciting range of British games and meet the developers behind them!

The BAFTA inside Games Arcade is open to the public every day of EGX Rezzed from 12- 14 March at Tobacco Dock, London. Tickets available are at

ALONE: From Manchester microstudio LaserDog Games, ALONE is an intense and ultraresponsive touch game about flying through space in a one man re-entry vessel, navigating caves and surviving ever more claustrophobic worlds.



Calvino Noir

Calvino Noir: Plan and execute the perfect heist – test your cunning with a mix of concealment, sneaking and distraction, set to a visually stunning backdrop drenched in film noir. 


Concrete Jungle: An unusual mix of card game and urban planning, Concrete Jungle sees players carefully building decks of cards which they can then place to form buildings in an ever-evolving urban sprawl. 


Concrete Jungle

Dashy Crashy

DASHY CRASHY: Intensely colourful and breathtakingly fast, DASHY CRASHY hurtles you along an endless, procedurally generated highway cluttered with hazards to avoid and high scores to reach for. 


Esper: An impressively constructed VR experience that tells a wickedly humorous tale of psychic powers and shady governmental agencies.



Fractured Space

Fractured Space: Join a team and take to the stars for this online space combat game, mixing tactical thinking of a strategy game, the quick responses of a shooter, and the colossal space battles of Hollywood sci-fi.


A Good Snowman is Hard to Build: Behind the lovingly crafted animations and beautiful visuals lies a compellingly deep and sometimes fiendish puzzle game, as you help a monster build the perfect snowman.


a Good Snowman Is Hard To Build


Hue: The striking art style perfectly complements the game design in this innovative puzzler where players interact with the world by changing its colour palette.


The Kraken Sleepeth: A twin-stick shooter with a Lovecraftian twist – pilot your submersible through the nightmares of the deep as you uncover the dark mysteries of the ocean.


The Kraken Sleepeth

A Light in Chorus

A Light in Chorus: Stark, atmospheric, and beautiful in motion, A Light in Chorus presents a ghostly world formed entirely from particle clouds for players to manipulate and explore. 


Mutiny! Barrels roll and cannon-smoke fills the air in this magnificently chaotic sixteen-player pirate brawler – grab booty, swing from ropes and sink your rivals before they sink you!



Pneuma Breath of Life

Pneuma: Breath of Life: A stunningly rendered first-person game that demands lateral thinking and sharp perception, Pneuma challenges and distorts the conventions of game design.


Project CARS: A racing simulation unlike any other, Project CARS combines phenomenal technical and gameplay design with a unique “mass development” plan that has brought players into the heart of the creative process. 


Project cars

Smash Hit Plunder

Smash Hit Plunder: Explore a meticulously designed dungeon – and smash it to pieces, in a quirky shared experience that makes full use of VR to revel in the joy of destruction.


Table Tennis Touch: An impressively faithful recreation of the sport for touchscreen devices, Table Tennis Touch has been a breakout success on iOS and will launch for Android on the first day of the exhibition. 


Table Tennis Touch


YGD: We’ll be showing some of the winners from BAFTA’s Young Game Designers competition - which gives young people and their teachers/mentors unique access to the games industry and celebrates the stars of the future.